NA 0541

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Current owner: Peter Cundy, South Australia.

MMM No:  2487

Information:  Built 1934 and imported into Australia in chassis form by John Snow. 




Entrant in the Australian Grand Prix at Bathurst in 1949

  • Magnette: NA
  • Chassis Number: 0541
  • Year of Production: 1934
  • Previous Owners: John Snow, NSW. '30s. Angus Robertson, '30s. Larry Duff, NSW. '40s. Jim Elliott, NSW. '40s. Len Golding, NSW. '40s. Fred Elbourne, NSW. '40s-'50s. Peter Westrick, Qld. '70s. Bob Fast, Qld. 90's-2016.
  • Current Owner: Peter Cundy
  • Original Engine Number: 773 AN
  • Current Engine Number: 773 AN
  • Date Acquired: 2016
  • Current Reg: MG 1934 (SA)
  • Appeal for Info: Incomplete Listing