TA 1475

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Information / History:

 I came across TA1475 as remnants of a workshop fire in the late John Munro,s workshop.

John is still on the register as having TA1476, I’m not sure how this happened ,but unless there is 2 John Munro’s or in fact 2 TA,s which I think  would be unlikely I’m sure you will sort that out !!!!

The chassis was still in “rolling “state albeit no rubber and in reasonable condition save for a little heat.

Apparently I believe a Paine fibre glass body was fitted some mods had been done to the chassis.

However I have stripped it and restored it to originality and now have a full rolling chassis with a TC motor and gearbox fitted.

Have fitted a Steve Baker UK “Q type” aluminium body which I had shipped out from the UK so won’t be long before its mobile.

Attached are some pics that may be of interest .One is the chassis as was when I picked it up ,two restored ,and third with the body fitted

Cheers ….Brian Murphy

*** we are sorting out the chassis numbers now..

  • T Type : TA
  • Chassis Number : 1475
  • Previous Owners : John Munro
  • Current Owner : Brian Murphy
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