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Current owner; Peter Matters, Vic. Information; TA roadster  imported from N.Z Currently under restoration.

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Current owner: Geoff Davis, Western Australia Information: Built 27/5/37 as a 2-seat roadster for the home market registered AWV 69 . Early UK history unknown.  The original MPGJ engine was replaced by a later XPAG engine in the 1950s, as was common. The conversion was performed by University Motors, a...

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Current owner:- Nigel Schofield, Melbourne, Victoria. History:- Early history unknown.  Imported into Australia circa 1970 by Mr and Mrs Dwyer when migrating from the UK.  Chassis bought by Stuart Schofield from Diana Dwyer after her husband passed away. Stuart was planning to build K3/Q type style special and had alloy...

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Current owner: Col Schiller, Queensland. History: This TB's early history is lost in time however from 1948 its history is mostly well recorded.  That is because after WWII John Nind prepared it for racing and entered it in the 1948 Australian Grand Prix held at Point Cook airfield; unfortunately Nind...

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Restored by Rod Hiley in the 1970s.  Sold to someone in N.S.W. in the 1980s and then exported to USA.

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History: The TB arrived in South Australia on 8 January 1940 aboard the “Imperial Star” and was sold by Motors Ltd. registered SA752.  It soon came to Victoria, registered NA603. Graeme Jackson heard about the car in 1971 but could not afford to buy it  and recommended purchase to a...

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Current owner: Col Schiller, Queensland. History: Early history not recorded but in 1946 the car appeared as a monoposto race car and achieved considerable success in the hands of Alf Najar.  Winning the N.S.W. Grand Prix in 1947, 2nd in the 1948 Australian Grand Prix, etc. The car changed hands...

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 T Type /  New South Wales / 284 views

Information / History: I have purchased the MGTB0547 from Ross Robertson in Queensland. Car is a basket case with most original parts missing. There is no MG engine/gearbox with the car. It was highly modified and the search is now on to find period parts before restoration starts.

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Current owner; Bob Lyons, NSW. Information; Delivered to Salmon & Sons 20/7/39 and fitted with Tickford body 5106, completed 12/8/39. History; The first owner was Miss L.M.P. Lanyon, The Red House, St. Ives, Cornwall, registered FCV 431. The service book remains with the car and shows the services stopped after...

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