VA 1880

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Information / History:

The car is Chassis No 1880 which is a nice touch.  It was apparently originally built as a Tickford in about July/ August 1938, which was a couple of months before I was born, and is not a chopped down saloon or built up tourer.  It has a factory replacement engine which is being rebuilt and balanced.  This is good as the engine has counter balanced crankshaft unlike the earlier.  The car languished as a partial restoration for some years 12 – 20 years I recall, with a body allegedly by Rod Jolly who normally restores RRs and Bentleys.  This is 16g aluminium so the car is quite solid.  The wings and bonnet are the original steel.  The bonnet is in perfect condition and the wings likewise having been re-rolled.  There is no sign of repair on the bonnet panels or the wings.


Robin and Jenny have now collected the car and shipped it back to Melbourne just in time to enter the Victorian Concours, winning its class.

  • SVW : VA
  • Chassis Number : 1880
  • Year of Production : 1938
  • Previous Owners : Bas de Voogd
  • Current Owner : Robin & Jenny Page
  • Current Engine Number : TPBG 1893
  • Date Acquired : 2007
  • Current Reg : 01954H
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