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    Superstocks (previously known as A Grade Stockcars) are a premier class of New Zealand Speedway (dirt track racing). Cars are of bespoke design with integral roll cages built to rules provided by Speedway New Zealand. Superstocks weigh 1,400 to 1,500 kilograms (220 to 240 st; 3,100 to 3,300 lb) and are usually powered with modified production car engines of up to 248 cubic inches (4,060 cc). Contact between cars is allowed and is intended as part of the class.

    The car

    Cars are purpose built by numerous different builders throughout the country.

    • Rees Race Cars
    • Murray Gordge
    • Graeme Barr Motorsport
    • Podjursky Tanks

    Among others.

    Superstocks usually run engines such as

    • Toyota VVTI V8
    • Nissan VK56 V8
    • Nissan VH41 V8
    • Ford V8
    • Chevrolet V8 or V6

    Cars come in all different shapes and designs, varying from the ever-popular and successful Gordge chassis, through to the 'Tank" popularised by Dave Evans.


    Superstocks compete in individual championships nationwide, including:

    These championships are seen as the major events, and the big ones to win. Numerous other events are run throughout the country, ranging from track championships through to series run over a number of meetings.

    Another major meeting, is the annual New Zealand Superstock Teams Championship, run at Palmerston North International Speedway, in the first weekend of February.