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Current Owner: George and Marguerite Morgan History: This car was initially purchased by a Mr. Sherrin Esq. London through University Motors on 2 June 1932 and was in F1, 4-seater configuration. In recent times the car was rebuilt to F2 configuration by Mr. Tony Mowbray, Nottingham UK. Some mechanical work...

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Current Owner: Neil & Mary-Anne Anderson, Queensland History: F1048 was purchased by Bill Leech in the UK during the 1970s and brought to Melbourne. Bill drove it regularly in a variety of events and found it more comfortable to drive than some of his more exotic vehicles. When Bill died...

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Current Owner: Graeme & Shirley Davies History: Manufactured 2/12/1931 Little early history is known of this car except that it started life as a Sliding Roof Foursome Salonette. Records show it was registered in the UK in the name of J C Thurburn 8/1932. Peter Auld of Adelaide owned the...

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Current owner: Harry Hickling, Victoria MMM No. 2464 Information: Completed 9/5/1932 for the home market fitted with a Stiles Ltd., threesome body. History:  Sold to first owner Mr Charles B. Currie, Bank House, Haddington, it was sold by Scottish Motor Trading, Edinbugh. Somewhere between 1932 and 1947 the car was imported...

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Current owner: Barry Broom, Victoria MMM No. 2195. Information: Delivered in January 1932 with standard F-type tourer body finished in black with brown trim.  UK reg. no. PJ 2572. History: F0525 was ordered from Cookes Motors in High Street, Sutton, Surrey, by Mr P.G.A. Smith.  Within a month it was...

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Current Owner: Brian Oxley, Australian Capital Territory Information: No history provided

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Current Owner: Ross Alexander, New South Wales Information: No History provided

 Magna /  New South Wales / 422 views

Current Owner: Ron Taylor, New South Wales Information: No history provided

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Current Owner: Tim Shellshear, New South Wales Information: No history provided

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Current Owner: Russel Turner, New South Wales Information: No history provided

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Current Owner: John Hurst, New South Wales Information: No history provided

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Currently located in USA this car was in Australia from 1983 to 2012, it was fully restored by John Hunting in W.A. History: Dispatched from Abingdon 20/7/33 the first owner was Walter E Belgrave who used the car competitively in a variety of events.  Shortly after taking delivery he was...

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Currently owner: Bill Fuller, Queensland Information: by Clifford Kelly and Tim Jackson. Known as the "Australian J4". Built in Feb. 1933 and retained by Abingdon initially registered JB 641, the car went to University Motors in May '33 and registered MG 2348.  U.M. appear to have sold it to one...

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Current owner: Tim Jackson, Victoria Information: J3771 left the works in June 1933 and is thought to have been owned by P. Strong in the UK.  No record has been found of Mr Strong in an M.G. but there are records of a P. Strong in a Hornet Special in...

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Current owner: John Batkin Estate, Victoria Information: The first recorded owner of J3767 was Asia Owczarow an aristocratic Russian Jew living in Paris.  He is known to have owned this J3, QA0252 and K3011.  He used a number of aliases to conceal his motor racing from his parents who were...

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Current Owner: Ed Taylor, Victoria Information: MG J3, chassis J3762 – Early history and competition record There are no known records of the cars early years in the UK. It was exported to Australia in 1934 and first registered in Victoria on 14 February 1935, almost exactly two years after...

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Current owner: George and Marguerite Morgan, Victoria MMM No: 78 Information: Guarantee plate issued 7/12/32.  Standard 2-seat body, painted green, registered JB 1047.  Retained by Works and used for Class H record attempts at Montlhery 1932 and then Le Mans 24 hour race in 1933. 7/12/32: Guarantee plate issued. 18-19/12/32: ...

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Current Owner: Ron Killcullen, Western Australia Information: The car was owned by Walter Magilton. Racing history.

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Current Owner: Rob Bodkin, Western Australia Information: No history provided

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Current Owner: Peter Partridge, Western Australia Information: No history provided

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Current Owner: Ed Farrar, Western Australia Information: No history provided

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Current Owner: Allan Herring, Western Australia Information: No history provided

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Current Owner: Ian Burston, Western Australia MMM No. 1661 Information: Built 14/11/1932 as a 2-seater for the home market.  Registered 1/12/1932 and used by a dealer as a demonstrator until sold to a lady buyer in England. History: Purchased in Bristol and imported into Australia by Owen McNeill in Queensland...

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Current Owner: Ian Buckley, South Australia Information: No history provided

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Current Owner: Martin Barrett, South Australia Information: No history provided

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Current Owner: Col Schiller, Queensland Information: This J2 based special has been a dedicated race car for many years and currently has a CAMS category Kb log book. Known history is that the car was owned by well known South Australian M.G. collector Don Shinners from 1955 to 1984 when...

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Current Owner: Ralph Leach, Queensland Information: No history provided

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Current Owner: John Byrne, Queensland Information: No History provided

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Current Owner: Arthur Morris, Queensland Information: No history provided

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Current Owner: Daniel Wong, Queensland Information: No history provided

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