Current owner: Andy Lucena, Victoria MMM No: 357 Information: Built at Abingdon on 31/3/33 as a 2-seater for the home market. Registered MG 2657. History: No recent history supplied however there is an article in the 1977 MMM Yearbook written by Allan Scott describing his acquisition of this car in...

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Current owner: Michael Schaefer, Victoria MMM No: 661 Information: The 14th of September 1932 was a busy day at Abingdon; they built the 100th example of the recently introduced J2 model, being one of 20 built that day setting a new record.  Also signed off that day was chassis number...

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Current owner: Morgan Family MMM No: 3633 Information: Built at Abingdon in 1931 as a metal panelled 2-seater for the home market. Registered November '32 with registration number OD 3979, to a J.A. Cope of Lynton, Devon, UK. History: Unknown prior to the bare chassis being offered for sale by...

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Current owner: Geoffrey Starkey, NSW MMM No: 3219 Information: Built at Abingdon on 13/10/31 as a metal paneled 2-seater. History: Also featured on the MMM N.Z. website here M 3190 was exported to New Zealand and first registered to Mr Eric Avril Grove, Wellington 17/12/31 with the number CQ 7282....

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Current owner: Peter Fleming, Vic. MMM No: 2587 Information: Built at Abingdon in 1931 as a fabric 2-seat roadster. History: Early history unknown.  Battered remains found in the Northcote brickworks and rescued by P.F. Those remains were incorporated in the reconstruction of this car.

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Current owner; John Ison, Qld. Information; Built in 1939 as a 4-door saloon. History; None supplied.

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Current owner: Rob Bodkin, Western Australia MMM No:  2461 Information:  Built in 1935 as a 2-seat roadster. History: None supplied.

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Current owner: Mark Anderson, Western Australia MMM No: 2757 Information: Built in 1935 as a 2-seat roadster for the home market. History: None supplied.

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Current Owner: Peter Matters, Victoria Information: TA roadster imported from New Zealand Currently under restoration. History: No history supplied

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Current owner: Peter Tunstall, Queensland MMM No: 3666 Information: Built at Abingdon in 1930 as a fabric 2-seat roadster for the home market. History: No history provided.  Has been rebodied in the style of a 12/12 racer.

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Current owner: Brian Oxley, ACT. MMM No: 2104 Information: Built at Abingdon in 1930 for the home market as a fabic 2-seat roadster. History: At some stage in its past this car was exported to South Africa.  Imported into Australia in 2021 by Brian Goodall and later sold to Brian...

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Current Owner: Geoff Davis, Western Australia Information:  The original MPGJ engine was replaced by a later XPAG engine in the 1950s, as was common. The conversion was performed by University Motors, a long established M.G. dealer in London. Geoff bought 1346 in the UK in 1986 and it came to...

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Current owner;  Rick Jones, New Zealand History; Built as a 4-door saloon in June 1938 and imported into Australia by P & R Williams, Sydney.  Sold to Jack Auld in Victoria and registered FH 677. The car next appeared in the hands of M.G. J3 owner Ed Taylor in Victoria...

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Current owner unknown. In November 2009 this car was offered for sale by a Mr Michael Brancato, a Real Estate agent in Hornsby, N.S.W. Inspected by Ron Taylor and described as rough and incomplete. No further information is known.

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Current Owner: Ken Taylor, Tasmania MMM No: 1434 Information: Built in 1934 as a 2-seat roadster for the home market, registered MG 3650. History: No history provided

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Current Owner: Anthony Williams, Queensland MMM No: 2450 Information:  Built in 1934 as a 2 seat roadster for the home market. History: No history supplied  

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Current Owner: George and Marguerite Morgan, Victoria Information: Recorded on the Lanes list and is believed to have been imported by them as a rolling chassis in 1934. History:  All that remains of this car is the LH front dumb iron that came in a box of bits of a...

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The is no record of a genuine M.G. J4 ever coming to Australia. There are many references to a J4 dating from late 1934 when George Martin imported J3 3763 into Melbourne. It was thought that the car may have been used by the factory to develop the J4 but...

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Current Owner: Ian Pardey, N.S.W. MMM No: 1967 Information: No history provided

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Current owner: Alan Davenport, Western Australia MMM No: 3545 Information: Built in 1933 as swept wing roadster.

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Current owner: Graeme Jackson, Victoria MMM No: 2409 Information: Built January 1934 as swept wing roadster, painted green with green trim. History: Delivered 19/1/34 to Geoffrey Benskin Ruddle by Squire Motors, Henley on Thames and registered JB 3417. Ruddle returned the car to the factory on 14/2/35 showing mileage of...

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Current owner: Morgan Family, Victoria Information: No history provided

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Current owner: Morgan Family, Victoria Information: No history provided

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Current Owner: Andrea Gleeson, Victoria Information: Built at Abingdon in 1933 as a 2-seater for the home market. History: Bought in UK during WW2 by a US serviceman who shipped it home on an aircraft carrier.  Used by him and later driven by his son until sold to an Australian....

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Current owner: Geoff Wigg, Queensland MMM No: 2394 Information: Built at Abingdon on the 8th of December 1931 as a black, metal panelled 2-seater for the home market. Registered TG 2977 in Glamorgan county, Wales, 11th March 1932. History: Nothing known about car until July 1950 as original log book...

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Current owner:- Bill Mitchell, South Australia. History:- Imported by P & R Williams, Sydney, NSW., in Feb. 1938, the car is a sedan and cream in colour. At some stage the car was owned by Alan Robinson in Qld., he bought it in Melbourne and later sold it to someone...

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Current owner:- Stan Tucker, Western Australia. History:- Previously listed as VA 1747, now corrected to VA 1755. Bought by Tucker in 2011 on eBay.  Sellers were two lawyers in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.  They had owned it for 16 years. Appears to carry UK registration plates DKW 204.  UK history unknown.

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Current owner:- Errol George, Queensland. History:- Previously listed as VA 1049, this has been corrected to VA 1042S. Early history unknown.  The car was imported from USA by a South Australian dealer.  It was purportedly found in a barn where it had been stored for more than 20 years. Bought...

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Current Owner: Nigel Schofield, Victoria History: Early history unknown.  Imported into Australia circa 1970 by Mr and Mrs Dwyer when migrating from the UK.  Chassis bought by Stuart Schofield from Diana Dwyer after her husband passed away. Stuart was planning to build K3/Q type style special and had alloy body...

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Currently owner: Unknown, this vehicle is listed as lost. Information: Of the 22 J3s built only one left the factory as a rolling chassis; J3766! Ordered direct from Abingdon by Lanes Motors for Cec Warren, a director of Britannia Motors.  The car was dispatched on 28/3/33 and on arrival was...

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