Current owner; John Ison, Qld. Information; Built in 1939 as a 4-door saloon. History; None supplied.

 SVW /  Queensland / 46 views

Current owner: Peter Tunstall, Queensland MMM No: 3666 Information: Built at Abingdon in 1930 as a 2-seat roadster for the home market. History: No history provided

 Midgets /  Queensland / 70 views

Current owner: Brian Goodall, Queensland MMM No: 2104 Information: Built in 1930 at Abingdon for the home market as a 2-seat roadster. History: At some stage in its past this car was exported to South Africa.  Imported into Australia in 2021 by Brian Goodall.

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Current Owner: Anthony Williams, Queensland MMM No: 2450 Information:  Built in 1934 as a 2 seat roadster for the home market. History: No history supplied  

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Current owner: Geoff Wigg, Queensland MMM No: 2394 Information: Built:  8th December 1931 Engine No:-  3084 (still fitted to car) Body:-  Metal Clad Sports Original Colour:-   Black, now dark blue. (all from original M.G. Car Company records held by the Triple M Register)   Original UK Registration No:-  TG 2977 ...

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Current owner:- Errol George, Queensland. History:- Previously listed as VA 1049, this has been corrected to VA 1042S. Early history unknown.  The car was imported from USA by a South Australian dealer.  It was purportedly found in a barn where it had been stored for more than 20 years. Bought...

 SVW /  Queensland / 272 views

Current owner: Col Schiller, Queensland. History: This TB's early history is lost in time however from 1948 its history is mostly well recorded.  That is because after WWII John Nind prepared it for racing and entered it in the 1948 Australian Grand Prix held at Point Cook airfield; unfortunately Nind...

 T Type /  Queensland / 351 views

Current owner:- Brendon Clarke, Qld. History:- Built 1937 and shipped to Australia as a rolling chassis with bonnet, running boards and sedan guards.  Body built by coachbuilder in Annadale, N.S.W.  Very similar to UK tourers with subtle differences, such as door shape and side mounted spare due to using sedan...

 SVW /  Queensland / 298 views

Current owner: Bill Fuller, Queensland MMM No: 3379 Information:  Both M 1523 and 1524 were built on 24/4/30 for export to Australia sans body to avoid customs duty. History: written by Bill Fuller Some time ago Garnet Smith, now a sprightly Octogenarian, sent to our Club Editor, Elaine Hamilton, some...

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Current owner:  Tony Slattery, Queensland MMM No: 2390 Information:  Built 22/4/30 for export to Australia sans body to avoid customs duty. History: The MMM Register advise that the chassis file for 1524 has been lost, however the chassis ledger shows that it was built for export on 22 April 1930. ...

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Current Owner: Barry Evans, Queensland MMM No: 151 Information: Built in 1934 as a two seat roadster for home market.

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Current Owner: Errol Rumpf, Queensland MMM No: 652 Information: Early history unknown. Restored by Graeme Paine in 1980s.

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Current Owner: Ross Letten,  Queensland MMM No: 464 Information: Two seat roadster despatched to export dept. 26/7/34. Finished in black paint with blue trim and silver wheels. History:  written by Ross Letten. My first knowledge of the car dates back to my secondment from British Leyland to the South African...

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Current Owner: John Byrne, Queensland Information: No history provided

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Current Owner: Tony Basham, Queensland MMM No: 2434 Information: Dispatched from Abingdon as C.K.D. History: Restored by Ray Skewes.  Sold to Wayne Cairn, little used then sold to Tony Basham and used a lot - probably the most traveled Pre-War M.G. in recent years.

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Current Owner: David Hall and Lyn Hayward, Queensland MMM No: 2425 Information: Original doorless body was later modified to include doors. Has all original tools and workshop manual. Was fitted with a Zoller supercharger which has been removed. History: Came to Australia in 1934 in chassis form. Fitted with typical...

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Current owner: Col Schiller, Queensland. History: Early history not recorded but in 1946 the car appeared as a monoposto race car and achieved considerable success in the hands of Alf Najar.  Winning the N.S.W. Grand Prix in 1947, 2nd in the 1948 Australian Grand Prix, etc. The car changed hands...

 T Type /  Queensland / 388 views

Current Owner: Frank Hiscock, Queensland Information: Built 18/8/1936 as a 2-seat roadster. History: This car is a very early example being the 143rd built. We do not know its early history - it first came to our attention when it was bought, incomplete, at auction by Graham Hamilton in Pretoria,...

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Information / History:  TA (Tickford) 60% Restored

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History: The car was originally purchased in Sydney by Mr. Fokes of Bundaberg Qld.  Sold to Connie Karhula (nee Jordan) in Brisbane in 1944.  Purchased by Rod  Hiley in 1967. I purchased it from Rod in 1979.  The car still has full registration carried on I presume from 1944. Reg...

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Current owner: Michael O'Brien, Queensland Information:  Built on 7/7/1937, and imported into Australia by Lanes Motors in Melbourne, Victoria History:  TA1553 rolled out of the Abington factory on Wednesday, 7th July 1937, was imported into Australia by Lanes Motors in Melbourne, and is believed to have been sold to a...

 T Type /  Queensland / 271 views

Information / History: Presently being restored hopefully to run at Yamba Rally 2017. As per ‘Newsletter No: 1/2012 March.

 T Type /  Queensland / 300 views

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