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Current owner:- Bill Mitchell, South Australia. History:- Imported by P & R Williams, Sydney, NSW., in Feb. 1938, the car is a sedan and cream in colour. At some stage the car was owned by Alan Robinson in Qld., he bought it in Melbourne and later sold it to someone...

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Current Owner: Lindsay Hick, South Australia Information: No history provided

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Current owner: Bucknell Family, South Australia. MMM No: 1898 Information: According to the MMM Register this car was built in 1934 as a 2-seat roadster for the home market. However there are some websites where the chassis is listed as EX154 which, according to the Hawke History, was last heard...

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History: Bought from Vic Spunner of Morwell, Victoria, TA2391 was in its infancy of restoration and included another TA in a million bits.  This car was restored and has won two State and three National Concours in classes up to TF.  Two of these wins were outright in above category...

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Information / History: Fully restored.

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History: This NB was purchased by Peter Harper, the current owner’s father, of Adelaide in 1979 from Barry Walker (UK). The car was complete but required a full restoration which was carried out in the early 1990s. Its high standard of finish and the attention to detail is much admired...

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Information / History: Entrant in the Australian Grand Prix at Bathurst in 1947

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Photo: At Lobethal after restoration.

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Continental Coupe under restoration

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Current owner: Charlie Tuckey, South Australia. Information: F0546 was dispatched on 5 January 1932 and delivered to University Motors who had it fitted with a Carlton Coupe body. History:  Researched by Tony Sloan F0546 was purchased on 16 February 1932 by David Pittendrigh while he was visiting England and exported to...

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Current Owner: Ian Buckley, South Australia Information: No history provided

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Current Owner: Martin Barrett, South Australia Information: No history provided

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Current owner: David Felgate, South Australia Information: No history provided

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Current owner: Mike Greenwood, South Australia MMM No: 2392 Information: Built 1929. History: Early history unknown.  It was first recorded in its present form of J2 style body with slab tank, swept wings and folding windscreen when purchased in 1957 by Robert (Bob) Morphett from D.J. Sexton, registered 484 779...

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Current owner: Tim Rettig, South Australia MMM No: 3413 Information: No history provided

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Current owner: Ian Curwen-Walker, South Australia Information: Oxford built 1929 History: Early history unknown. Appeared in South Australia wearing a locally built body.  Registration number SA 168 849. Raced in the 1939 Australian Stock Car Road Championship, Lobethal, S.A., driven by Selwyn R. Haig (race result unknown).  The car was...

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Information / History: The current owner’s father bought this car in the UK in 1940. It was taken over by Peter in the early 1960’s and brought by him to Australia in 1970.

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