Current owner; Marguerite Morgan, Vic (Car kept in UK) MMM No; 3571 Information; Built in 1931 as a Sportsman Coupe for the home market, registered HX 91. Rebuilt in the style of a LeMans racer. History; none supplied.

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Although now in the hands of an English collector this 18/80 was brought to Australia, restored and driven here by Rod Hiley in Qld.  He kept it for 25 years from 1977 to 2002 then returned it to the UK. Current owner: Keith Herkes, UK. Information: Mk I speed model...

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Current owner: Morgan Family, Victoria. Car Location: U.K. MMM No: 81. Information: Said to be one of the most original surviving M.G. C-types. Owned by Aussies and kept in the UK for their use when visiting. Guarantee plate issued 1/8/31.  Car painted black and red. Registration no. JK 1932. History:...

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Current owner: Unknown, car currently located in the UK. MMM No: 2291 Information: Although now located in the UK this car is included here because it spent most of its life in Australia.  For all of that time was the only C-type in the country.  Another has arrived since. Guarantee...

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Current owner: Aubrey Paverd, Victoria Information: Australian owner, car kept in UK and is known as Mildred. MMM No: 3448 History: UK Registration No: BKE 103, Chassis PA 0330, Engine 588 AP. According to registration book of 1946 these would appear to be matching numbers.

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Current owner; Unknown, U.K. Information; This TA roadster, built 8/9/36, has been returned to the U.K.

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