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Current owner: Rob Bodkin, Western Australia MMM No:  2461 Information:  Built in 1935 as a 2-seat roadster. History: None supplied.

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Current owner: Vern Smithers, Western Australia MMM No: 2757 Information: Built in 1935 as a 2-seat roadster.

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Current owner: Geoff Davis, Western Australia Information: Built 27/5/37 as a 2-seat roadster for the home market registered AWV 69 . Early UK history unknown.  The original MPGJ engine was replaced by a later XPAG engine in the 1950s, as was common. The conversion was performed by University Motors, a...

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Current owner: Alan Davenport, Western Australia MMM No: 3545 Information: Built in 1933 as swept wing roadster.

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Current owner:- Stan Tucker, Western Australia. History:- Previously listed as VA 1747, now corrected to VA 1755. Bought by Tucker in 2011 on eBay.  Sellers were two lawyers in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.  They had owned it for 16 years. Appears to carry UK registration plates DKW 204.  UK history unknown.

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Current Owner: Bill Jenkinson, Western Australia MMM No: 694 Information:  Built in 1936 as a 2-seat roadster, painted blue with blue trim and silver wheels. Delivered on 21/3/36 to S.H. Newsome, an M.G. dealer in Coventry and registered AUE 61. History: UK history unknown. Imported into Australia by John Hunting...

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Current Owner: Lou Symes, Western Australia MMM No: 2460 Information: Built in 1936 as a 2-seat roadster. History:  No history provided Sold at auction in Sydney 2007.

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Current owner: Vern Smithers, Western Australia MMM No: 2757 Information: Built in 1935 as a 2-seat roadster.

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Current Owner: John Hudson, Western Australia MMM No: 2449 Information: Built in 1934 and dispatched in CKD form to Lanes Motors, Victoria, Australia.  The car appears to have been sent to Chas. Aspinall and fitted with one of his two-seat bodies with swept guards and his heavy windscreen frame. History:...

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Current Owner: Ric Wake, Western Australia Information: No history provided

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Current Owner: Tony Bagshaw, Western Australia Information: No history provided

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Current Owner: Martin Swan Information: No history provided

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Current owner: Peter Briggs, Western Australia MMM No: 2424 Information: 9/2/34, first M.G. to be fitted with an H.W. Allingham designed Airline body, built by Carbodies.  UK reg. no., MG3528. Used as a demonstrator by University Motors until sold 6/9/34. History:  In regular use by owner Mr Eggleston until 1954/55...

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Current Owner: Brian Wilkinson, Western Australia MMM No: 1795 Information: supplied by Peter Meyer. PA 4-seater, Body Type B 252, Body Number 210/591. Original guarantee and body plates still on car. Mechanical clock and water temperature gauge fitted as original De Luxe equipment. Modern electric radiator fan fitted. Standard 4-seater body...

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History: The MG NE 'Ulster' Magnette pictured is one of only seven of this model manufactured. Known as the 'Ulster' model, the Magnette engine was modified to comply with the regulations of Britain's most important motor sport event in 1934; the Ulster Tourist Trophy. The development programme instituted on this...

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Information / History: Feature at theYork Motor Museum.  

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