L Type 0533

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Current Owner: Rob Everett, New South Wales

History: Rob bought the car (or pile of bits as it was then) from a fellow naval officer in 1980. He had purchased it in the UK whilst undergoing submarine training and brought the bits back to Australia on his return. Rob restored the car over the next four years originally having it on full registration. He enjoyed regularity events in the days when other event participants circulated at about the same speed but now faster vehicles entering these events take the pleasure away. He enjoys competing in the Bol d’Or, an annual Sydney event and also the many other normal club events.

  • Listing ID: 1902
  • Maga: L Type
  • Chassis Number: 0533
  • Year of Production: 1933
  • Current Owner: Rob Everett
  • Original Engine Number: 859AL
  • Current Engine Number: 867A
  • Date Acquired: 1980