M Type 1468

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Current owner: Hilton Goodall, Queensland

MMM No: 790

Information: Built at Abingdon on 12/4/1930 (Kimber’s birthday) as a 2-seat roadster for the home market.  Registered PG 8733 on 25/4/1930 to its first owner Robert Hy Everett, 94 Telford Road, Hull.

History: All former owners are known and listed below.  We don’t know any history prior to the car’s purchase by Bob Riches in 1972 while working in the UK.

He also purchased a body kit with the intention of restoring the car on his return to Australia.  The restoration did not happen and the car was passed over to Bob’s son Andrew.  However Andrew was a Velocette enthusiast so decided to sell the car.

He placed the following  ad in the Austin 7 Club of N.S.W. Jan 2010 newsletter:-

“Little red 1930 M Type M.G.  A complete original vehicle dismantled and waiting for restoration.”

Hilton Goodall responded and bought the car.

  • Listing ID: 1769
  • Midget: M Type
  • Chassis Number: 1468
  • Year of Production: 1930
  • Previous Owners: 1st owner Robert Hy Everett 94 Telford Road Hull England.
    2nd owner Martin Joseph Beatty 14 G Mere Road Leicester England
    3rd owner Alan Ernest Brown 68 St. Peters Road Leicester England
    4th owner Joseph Watson Willder 7 High Pavement Belfer Derbyshire
    5th owner Basil Morgan 10 Fairfax Road Derby England
    6th owner John Claude Banfort 89 Reeves St. Derby England
    7th owner Gordon William Goodwin 27 Sacheverel St. Derby England
    8th owner John Trevor Mitchell 62 Hayden Rd. Chaddesden Derby England
    9th owner David Patrick Newly 15 Magdala Rd. Cosham Portsmouth England
    10th owner Percy Davy Warsash Rd. Titchfield Common Fareham Hants
    11th owner BD Fraser-Harris 11 Exeter Rd. South Sea Hants
    12th owner John Robert Scott 11 Havelock Mansion Havelock Rd South Sea Hants
    13th owner John Robert Scott 25 Lowcay Rd. South Sea Hants
    14th owner Stewart Gordon Love 162 Acefort Rd. Thorrter Heath Surrey England
    15th owner Jorge Rodrigves 15 North Bourne Rd. London SW4 England
    16th owner Bob Riches then Andrew Riches N.S.W.
    17th owner Brian John Goodall Qld (2007) Hilton John Goodall (2008)
  • Current Owner: Hilton Goodall
  • Original Engine Number: MG 1140A
  • Current Engine Number: MG 1140A
  • Date Acquired: 2010
  • Current Reg: HJG 46