M Type 2551

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Current owner:  Tony Basham, Queensland

MMM No: 2387.

Information: Built at Abingdon on 29 Jan 1931 as a 2-seat roadster for the home market with a  black fabric covered body.

History: written by Tony Basham.

First owner Mr Webster of Woldingham, Surrey, UK.  Registered PL5390.

March 1931.  Purchased by Michael Collier for £160, the car having covered only 564 miles.  This was his second Midget; Collier kept it for approx. 18 months and covered 36,000 miles.  In his notes he remarks on the car’s reliability (only failure a broken rear axle) but also a lack of performance.

Competition history:

1932 MCC High speed trial, Brooklands, recorded 55.52 miles in one hour, Gold Medal.

1932 JCC High speed trial, Brooklands, Gold Medal.

1932 JCC Brooklands Rally.  Silver Medal. *

1 October 1932 SW Centre reliability trial, third award. *

1932 London –Exeter trial, Silver Medal. *

1932 MCC London-Scarborough trial, Bronze Medal. *

1932 Brighton & Hove Motor Club, Brighton beer trial, no result recorded.

(* Owner in possession of these medals)

Navigator was John Dugdale, a writer for Autocar magazine and later of British Leyland Motors USA.

Sold end of 1932 for £80 to Mabel Bourne, Hairdresser of Crowthorne, Berkshire.  Possibly married to a Mr Sworder.

There is the BIG gap in history from 1932 to 1977.

May 1977, bought by Colin Dennett from an importer in Sydney Australia.  Came fitted with a modified body, slab style rear and one piece windscreen.

1982 fitted with an original style boat tail body made by “Specialist Ash Bodies” in Littleport, UK.

Last used about 1990.

November 2014, purchased by Tony Basham, to undergo a significant refurbishment and returned to road-going condition.

  • Listing ID: 1774
  • Midget: M Type
  • Chassis Number: 2551
  • Year of Production: 1931
  • Previous Owners: Mr Webster of Woldingham, Surrey, UK, 1931. Michael Collier, 1932. Mabel Bourne, UK. Sydney importer, 1977. Colin Dennet, 2014.
  • Current Owner: Tony Basham
  • Original Engine Number: MG 2341A
  • Current Engine Number: 17503A
  • Date Acquired: November 2014
  • Current Reg: 286 VTK Qld.