14/40 2754

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Current owner: Cuthbert Family, Victoria.

History:  This 14/40 with Carbodies coachwork was bought by garage proprietor Neil Cuthbert circa 1958.

Neil restored it to near original condition and used it enthusiastically in M.G.C.C. events.

Neil passed away in the 1980s and the Cuthbert Family retained the vehicle.

Although it is not presently in running condition it is occasionally displayed at special events.

  • Listing ID: 1720
  • Vintage Model: 14/40
  • Chassis Number: 4/2754
  • Year of Production: 1929
  • Current Owner: Neil Cuthbert Estate
  • Original Engine Number: 337078
  • Date Acquired: 1958
  • Current Reg: HJ417 Vic.
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