J2 3015

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Current Owner: Brian Cather, Queensland

MMM No: 122

Information: Built 14/3/33 at Abingdon as a 2-seater for the home market painted black with blue trim.

It was one of 14 M.G.s, a mix of J2s and L1s, ordered by the Lancaster Constabulary to use as patrol cars. First registered on 25/3/33, the registration number is in question because the car came with plate TJ 1026 and record card with that number but showing chassis number J3020.  The chassis and bonnet hinge are confirmed as being stamped J3015 so the confusion mmust have occurred while both cars were in service with the constabulary.

History: Based on an article written by Brian Oxley for the MMM Yearbook 1991.

Purchased by B.C. in Manchester, UK from a dealer after reading an advert in Exchange and Mart.

The car was a proverbial trailer load of parts; 80% complete with a Ford bellhousing.

With the help of UK MMM Register members Brian managed to collect most of the missing parts and rebuild the body before returning to Australia in 1980 however the project is still not complete.

  • Listing ID: 1813
  • Midget: J2
  • Chassis Number: 3015
  • Year of Production: 1933
  • Previous Owners: David Ball UK 1960
    Michael Hambley UK 1968
    Plus 4 Motors Stockport UK, 1979
  • Current Owner: Brian Cather
  • Original Engine Number: 1672AJ
  • Current Engine Number: 94 J 108 CS
  • Date Acquired: 7/6/1979
  • Current Reg: TJ1026