J3 3756

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Current owner: George and Marguerite Morgan, Victoria

MMM No: 78


Guarantee plate issued 7/12/32.  Standard 2-seat body, painted green, registered JB 1047.  Retained by Works and used for Class H record attempts at Montlhery 1932 and then Le Mans 24 hour race in 1933.

7/12/32: Guarantee plate issued.

18-19/12/32:  International Class H record attempts at Montlhery, France.  Drives G. Eyston, T. Wisdom and A. Denly.

1000 miles ss 69.19 mph, 2000 kms ss 69.95 mph, 24 hrs ss 70.61 mph.

17-18/6/33:  ACO Le Mans 24 hour race, France drivers G. Hendy and H.D. Parker and survived until the 20th hour, 125 laps.

1933:  Bought by Tom Hollingrake, M.G. Company employee for 120 pounds.

1934: Sold for 250 pounds to Louis Dreyfus for Le Mans – DNS.

Resold to Hollingrake for 150 pounds.

1/9/34: owner Jack Wisdom, Putney.

22/12/34:  Imported into Australia by Aldridge and Martin, Melbourne.  Registered, 193 219.

Early ’35: sold to Derry George, Melbourne.

19/10/35: LCCA Petrol Consumption Test, driver D. George, 1st Section 3.

15/12/35:  LCCA Mountain Rally, driver D. George.

29/2/36:  LCCA 24 hour rally, driver D. George, crashed finishing upside down in the Tambo River.

1/12/36:  Traded on J3763 with Stan Edwards.

20/6/37:  750cc Car Club Mystery Rally, driver Stan Edwards.  1st.

2-3/10/37:  VSCC Rally, Cowes, driver S. Edwards.

3/4/38:  The Sun Annual Motor Tour and Rally, driver S. Edwards.

16/9/38: owner Bob Hollingshead.

1945:  Reregistered Vic DC 259.

6/46:  Greensborough Hillclimb, driver R. Hollingshead, DNF.

26/1/47:  LCC Ballarat Races, driver R. Hollingshead.

2/11/47:  LCCA Rob Roy Hillclimb, driver R. Hollingshead 2nd 1100cc.

1948:  Four local Victorian events, driver R. Hollingshead.

1949:  Two local Victorian events, driver R. Hollingshead.

1952 or 53: owner Len Phillips, Frankston, Vic.

1958 or 59: owner Peter Beasley, Vic.

Early ’60s: owner John Passmore, Vic.

1966: owner Pip Bucknell, Qld.

1967: owner Rod Hiley, Abingdon Motors Qld.  Full restoration begun.

9/87:  owner Wal Magilton, Vic.  Reg CH 0568 Club Permit.

Was used extensively by Wal Magilton and son Matthew in a wide range of events including Observed Section Trials at which it has been particularly successful.

5/16:  sold to Morgan Family, Vic.

2019: shipped to UK to tour the UK and Europe attending Historic Montlhery, visited Le Mans museum, was stored at Kimber House between visits.

  • Listing ID: 1853
  • Midget: J3
  • Chassis Number: 3756
  • Previous Owners: Walter Magilton
  • Current Owner: George and Marguerite Morgan
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