J3 3767

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Current owner: John Batkin Estate, Victoria


The first recorded owner of J3767 was Asia Owczarow an aristocratic Russian Jew living in Paris.  He is known to have owned this J3, QA0252 and K3011.  He used a number of aliases to conceal his motor racing from his parents who were unknowingly funding his activities.  There is an entry for the 750cc class 1934 Bol d’Or in the name of Orwy which is thought to be another of his pseudonyms and may have been an entry for this car.

The car was imported into Australia by Britannia Motors in 1934.  In 1935 it was acquired by Hugh R Syme, son of David Syme, proprieter of The Age newspaper in Melbourne.  Syme was a keen racer but left the driving to others, usually Tom Hollinrake, while he occupied the riding mechanic’s seat.  He also used pseudonyms on the entry list to hide his activities from his family; sometimes using Randell (his middle name) as his surname.

The list of known owners follows:-

1933                      Asia Owczarow (later Orley), Paris

early-1934           Imported to Australia by Britannia Motors, Melbourne and registered 195.883

early ’35               Owner Hugh Syme

13/4/1940           Registered BU183

15-Sep-45            For Sale, Wally Diamond Used Car Bureau, South Caulfield

1951                      For Sale, Arthur Wylie, Melbourne

1951                      Owner Barry Nichols

1954                     Owner John Marsden

1954                     Registered GFD136

Oct-58                 For sale – Mick Burt, St Kilda

1959                     Purchased by Peter Beasley

Early 60’s            New owner (sold by Peter Beasley)

30-Mar-63          Engine changed to C251145 (Ford 10HP)

1963                     Registered HSM 645

approx 1970       For sale in Essendon

Jan-73                 Located as a chassis by John Dalton, Victoria

Jun-1979             John Hunting purchases chassis and few mechanicals, car then restored

By 1993               Brian Hussey, Victoria

By 1995               Brian Shelmedine, Melbourne

By 1997               John Batkin (deceased), Melbourne

  • Listing ID: 1859
  • Midget: J3
  • Chassis Number: 3767
  • Year of Production: 1933
  • Current Owner: Batkin family
  • Original Engine Number: 1570AJ
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