J 0268

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Current owner: Barry Evans, Queensland

MMM No: 2048

Information: The first J1s were produced with either the four-seater tourer bodies left over from the D type and F1 Magna or a salonette closed coupe body.

J0268 is the 3rd lowest chassis number of J-types on the UK MMM Register. This car was built at Abingdon in 1932 for the home market and may have been green originally; it is one of very few J1s remaining with a four-seat body.


This car was purchased in England and its history is vague although it has the original log book and receipts from after World War II.

It’s been a car that has been used and enjoyed over the years and has gained a few minor modifications including 12 inch brakes.  At one stage in the UK it was fitted with a P-type engine which has since been replaced with a correct J engine.  Read the story here.

When owned by John Firth-Smith the NSW registration was the same as the original number given to the car in 1932 when first sold in the UK; JO 7230.  When sold to Col Schiller in Qld the registration changed to 677 ROI.

  • Listing ID: 1787
  • Midget: J1
  • Chassis Number: 0268
  • Year of Production: 1932
  • Previous Owners: Ian Fairhead, UK, 80s.
    John Firth-Smith, NSW. 2005.
    Col Schiller, Qld.
  • Current Owner: Barry Evans
  • Original Engine Number: 592 AJ
  • Current Engine Number: 1383 AJ
  • Date Acquired: 2010
  • Current Reg: 677 ROI Qld.