J2 2664

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Current Owner: Unknown

MMM N0: 2794

Information: Built at Abingdon on 15/11/32 as a 2-seater for the home market. Original UK reg. YY1362


Early UK history unknown.  Rebuilt as a C type replica by Barry Foster in 1994. Car is in perfect condition with steel one-piece crankshaft, steel rods, dot clutch, large cam shaft, new cylinder head and much more. Also supercharged and very reliable.

Bought by A.C. in 1995 and shipped to Australia. Raced extensively by A.C. at various venues and attended a number of M.G.C.C. National Meetings, often displayed with a dummy in the passenger seat dressed in a leather jacket and flying helmet.  Returned to the UK and raced by A.C. at Goodwood 2005.  Present whereabouts unknown.

  • Listing ID: 1790
  • Midget: J2
  • Chassis Number: J2664
  • Year of Production: 1932
  • Previous Owners: Alastair Clarke, N.S.W.
  • Current Owner: Unknown
  • Original Engine Number: 1327 AJ
  • Date Acquired: 1995
  • Current Reg: ZAW 895 (NSW)
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