Rubycon Corporation

Rubycon Corporation (ルビコン株式会社, Rubikon Kabushiki-gaisha) is a Japanese electronics company, whose main products are electrolytic capacitors (AECs), film capacitors and power supply units[2] with a wide range of applications including consumer, industrial, power, lighting and automotive.

Founded in 1952 as Nihon Denkai Seisakusho (有限会社日本電解製作所), it changed its name to Shin-Ei Electronics Inc. (信英電子株式会社) in 1960.[3][4] The company was formerly known as Seibu Shin-Ei Inc. and changed the name to Rubycon Corporation in December 1990.[2]

Rubycon holds a significant world market share in the capacitor market and has 11 production sites, 10 in Japan and one in Indonesia. Rubycon appointed Supreme Components International, a Singapore-based electronics distributor as their franchised distributor.[5]


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