The often usual sight in NZ Superstock Racing

The New Zealand Superstock Championship[1] is an annually contested national championship for superstocks on a rotating track schedule. The current champion is Randal Tarrant, registered to Meeanee Speedway, who won his first title at Oceanview Speedway, near Whanganui, in January 2020.

Graham Stretch was the inaugural champion, winning the title at Palmerston North International Speedway(Central Energy Trust Arena) in the 1965/66 season. Craig Boote and Kevin Free have been the most successful winners, each winning 3 times.

Racing rules

Dirt track racing in New Zealand comes in many different forms such as sprintcars, sidecars, late model and many others, but the most popular is Superstocks racing. Superstocks racing allows for full contact, hardcore racing around oval dirt tracks with concrete walls in close proximity to the outside of the track. Drivers are entitled to push one another into the infield, up the wall or into one another in the fight for victory. With no blue flags backmarker cars may wait for the lead pack and if drivers wish, may take out lead cars to best suit their track code, friends, family or teammates from the New Zealand Superstock Teams Championship.


Current Speedway New Zealand rules stipulate the engine must be no larger the 248 cubic inches, with teams using small block V8 race engines. The estimated power output figure is around 500hp. [2] Most cars tend to run:

Past champions

Season Track 1ST 2ND 3RD
2020 Wanganui Randal Tarrant 66B Adam Joblin 62P Scott Joblin 52P
2019 Woodford Glen Jason Long 41B Peter Rees 10G Simon Joblin 72P
2018 Waikaraka Park William Humphries 94P Adam Joblin 3NZP Jordan Dare 2NZP
2017 Central Energy Trust Arena Simon Joblin 72P Jordan Dare 581P Adam Joblin 62P
2016 Stratford Shane Harwood 18N Jason Long 41B Graeme Barr 3NZP
2015 Wellington Peter Rees 10P Peter Bengston 58P Graeme Barr 3NZP
2014 Meeanee Shane Penn 1NZP Jordan Dare 581P Graeme Barr 32P
2013 Nelson Shane Penn 3NZP Dale McKenzie 85N Thomas Stanaway 87N
2012 Huntly Joe Faram 4B Kerry Humphrey 79P Shane Penn 7P
2011 Rotorua Dale Ewers 14N Scott Joblin 52P Peter Rees 10P
2010 Kihikihi Brendan Higggins 3NZN Bevan Humphries 54P Murray Long 96B
2009 Woodford Glen Malcolm Ngatai 19C Dale Ewers 14N Brendan Higgins 79N
2008 Wanganui Kyle Fraser 92R Wayne Hemi 591P Darryl Taylor 5V
2007 Dunedin Simon Joblin 72P Peter Rees 10P Shane Penn 77P
2006 Waikaraka Park Darcy Hunter 337R Wayne Hemi 591P Mark Osborne 16C
2005 Central Energy Trust Arena Bryce Penn 121P Rodney Wood 51M Brendan Rowlands 37B
2004 Nelson Kelvin Gray 46P Wayne Hemi 591P Geoff James 81M
2003 Stratford Jared Wade 85H Shane Penn 77B Stan Hickey 515R
2002 Gisborne Wayne Hemi 59W Ross Thurston 6P Neil McCoard 4R
2001 Meeanee Murray Hobbs 94R Barry Podjurskey 69P Roydon Collingwood 7S
2000 Blenheim Craig Boote 1NZN Joe Faram 58R Stan Hickey 515R/Tony McLanachan 5W
1999 Huntly Craig Boote 7N Brendan Rowlands 37S Rodney Wood 51R
1998 Rotorua Craig Pierce 116A Roydon Collingwood 7S Darren Gray 15W
1997 Woodford Glen Craig Boote 7N Tony McLanachan 5W Chris Uhlenberg 76S
1996 Wellington Kim Lace 71W Ian King 84W Darren Gray 15W
1995 Wanganui Lyall Rumney 72R Mike Johnston 78V Roydon Collingwood 7S
1994 Invercargill Barry Podjursky 69S Neville Stanaway 1R Rex Nield 88R
1993 Waikaraka Park Kevin Free 36H Craig Pierce 66M Mark Decke 99M
1992 Central Energy Trust Arena Barry Podjursky 69S Graeme Gaskin 52w Lyall Rumney 72r
1991 Nelson Gary Parkes 4P Barry Podjursky 69S Bryce Penn 1B
1990 Stratford Barry Hunter 38R Dave Evans 6P John Booker 25S
1989 Gisborne Dave Tennant 75A Frank Van Vroonhoven 24H Kevin Free 36H
1988 Meeanee Paul Wade 85HR Bryce Penn 1B Tony Warner 27B
1987 Blenheim Bruce Simpson 7S Graeme Barr 38S Brian McPhee 5W
1986 Baypark Russell Joblin 8S Keith Simpson 13S Bob Smith 53V
1985 Rotorua Dave Evans 3P Paul Grant 51P Russell Joblin 8S
1984 Woodford Glen Dave Evans 3P Brian Musgrove 1W Brian Anderson 1P
1983 Wellington Gary Parkes 4P Bryce Penn 61B Barry Lane 7P
1982 Wanganui Charlie Bernsten 432V Tony Warner 27B Bob Smith 53V
1981 Nelson Warren McIntyre 1P Peter Broughan 2P Peter Wackildene 94p
1980 Waikaraka Park Frank Irvine 10A Garry Harris 16A Craig Taylor 51M
1979 Central Energy Trust Arena Keith Turner 16V Barry Featherstone 99H Ian Glenny 35B
1978 Stratford Graham Mitchell 10A Barry Featherstone 99H Graham Smith 8H
1977 Gisborne Lindsay Willis 14R Barry Featherstone 99H Joel Wright 6A/Perry Keyte 2H
1976 Hamilton Kevin Free 61A Joel Wright 7A Barry Featherstone 99H
1975 Meeanee Tony Warner 27B/Ray Morrow 29M Graham Mitchell 10A
1974 Rotorua Adrian Kaye 37R John Hanright 2P/Peter Hetterley 32P
1973 Wellington Albert Gordge 95S Gil Mallia 83W Ian Taylor 21W
1972 Waikaraka Park Phil Joyce 1A Graham Mitchell 10A Graeme McLachlan 2A/Colin Weller 7A
1971 Central Energy Trust Arena Gary Scott 6S Tony Baker 4R Albert Gordge 95S
1970 Hamilton Kevin Free 61H Albert Gordge 95S Conway Taylor 14H
1969 Stratford George Wharehoka 42R Kel Fapieta 41R Alan Jago 36S
1968 Meeanee Mike Weymss 27B Dave Hooper 22P Bill Prebensen 7B
1967 Central Energy Trust Arena Gus Gapes 14P Dave Hooper 22P Graeme Handisides 6P
1966 Central Energy Trust Arena Graham Stretch 3P Alan Sperling 29P Alan Pryce 17P


Championship title wins by driver[3] Times held at Venue Most podiums by a driver (4 or more)
Rank Driver Titles Rank Venue Times held Rank Driver Podiums
1= Craig Boote 3 1 Central Energy Trust Arena 7 1 Shane Penn 5
1= Kevin Free 3 2= Stratford 5 2= Graeme Barr 4
2= Shane Penn 2 2= Meeanee 5 2= Barry Podjursky 4
2= Simon Joblin 2 3= Waikaraka Park 4 2= Wayne Hemi 4
2= Gary Parkes 2 3= Wellington 4 2= Kevin Free 4
2= Barry Podjursky 2 3= Woodford Glen 4 2= Bryce Penn 4
2= Dave Evans 2 3= Nelson 4
3= William Humphries 1 3= Rotorua 4
3= Shane Harwood 1 3= Wanganui 4
3= Peter Rees 1 4 Gisborne 3
3= Joe Faram 1 5= Huntly 2
3= Dale Ewers 1 5= Blenheim 2
3= Brendan Higgins 1 5= Hamilton 2
3= Malcom Ngatai 1 6= Kihikihi 1
3= Kyle Fraser 1 6= Dunedin 1
3= Darcy Hunter 1 6= Invercargill 1
3= Bryce Penn 1 6= Bay Park 1
3= Kelvin Gray 1
3= Jared Wade 1
3= Wayne Hemi 1
3= Murray Hobbs 1
3= Craig Pierce 1
3= Kim Lace 1
3= Lyall Rumney 1
3= Barry Hunter 1
3= Dave Tennant 1
3= Paul Wade 1
3= Bruce Simpson 1
3= Russell Joblin 1
3= Charlie Bernsten 1
3= Warren McIntyre 1
3= Frank Irvine 1
3= Keith Turner 1
3= Graham Mitchell 1
3= Lindsay Willis 1
3= Jason Long 1
3= Tony Warner 1
3= Ray Morrow 1
3= Adrian Kaye 1
3= Albert Gordge 1
3= Phil Joyce 1
3= Gary Scott 1
3= George Wharehoka 1
3= Mike Weymss 1
3= Gus Gapes 1
3= Graham Stretch 1
3= Randal Tarrant 1


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