Trelawny Tigers operated as a British Premier League speedway team during the 2001–03 seasons at the Clay Country Moto Parc.[1] The track, 230m in length, was unique in its setting being situated in a disused china clay pit near St Austell, Cornwall. The compact track was renowned throughout the league for the quality of its preparation and the racing it produced.


The team enjoyed limited success on track, the highlight being winning the 2002 Premier Trophy competition after defeating Sheffield Tigers over two legs.[2]

During the club's short history, its top rider was Chris Harris. The club were responsible for bringing Slovenian Matej Žagar into British League Scene in 2003 and he firmly established himself as one of the Premier League's top riders. The track record holder was Argentinian Emiliano Sanchez.

In 2003, the club also ran a Conference League team known as the Trelawny Pitbulls. Drawing from rider experience within the senior team and from other clubs, the team enjoyed mixed fortunes.[1]

2003 riders

2002 riders

2001 riders


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