Formula Masters Russia (formerly known as Formula Russia) - is a single-seater racing series based in Russia. The series was created in 2011 as an analogue of Formula Abarth.

The primary goal of the project is to find most talented young pilots and to prepare them for their big future in Formula One. Each pilot (or team) is provided with engineers and mechanics. All teams use Tatuus FA010 chassis.

Main conditions and benefits

  • Organizers help pilots in finding their sponsors
  • Commercial organizations can create their own teams
  • Each pilot discusses settings of his or her car with team engineer
  • A single stock of spare parts
  • A single supplier of tires
  • A single supplier of petrol, oil and lubricants


All drivers were Russian-registered.

Season Champion Second Third
2012 Konstantin Tereshchenko Stanislav Safronov Vladimir Lunkin
2013 Stanislav Burmistrov Mikhail Loboda Edward Frolenkov
2014 Mikhail Loboda Igor Yavorovskiy Stanislav Burmistrov
2015 Ivan Chubarov Yuri Grigorenko Stanislav Safronov

The format of the competition

8 events per year with 3 races in each.

Format of events

  • Friday — free training (4 trainings, 30 minutes each, or 6 trainings, 20 minutes each);
  • Saturday — last training (20 minutes), first qualification (15 minutes) и first race (28 minutes + 1 lap);
  • Sunday — warming up (10 minutes), second qualification (15 minutes), second race (28 minutes + 1 lap), third race (28 minutes + 1 lap)

The place on the starting grid in first race depends on results of first qualification, the place on the starting grid in second race depends on results of second qualification, the place on the starting grid in third race depends on results of second race, with 6-8 positions inverted.

Main characteristics of Formula Masters Russia cars

Chassis Tatuus FA010 Carbon composite monocoque FIA F3-2010 safety homologated.

Engine FPT 414TF, volume 1400 sm3, turbo, 200 h.p., torque: ~ 250 Nm with 3500 turnovers per minute.

Gearbox Sadev sequential six-speed gearbox — LSD differential.

Brake Discs АР four-piston calipers, ventilated discs brake pads FERODO.

Fuel PREMIER FIA FT3, 45 lt.

Wheel Rims ATS, Front 9x13", Rear 10,5x13"centre-bolt aluminium.

Tires Front 180/550R13, Rear 240/570R13.

Dimensions 2650mm x 1490mm x 1455mm

Weight 525kg, including driver.

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