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    In the motorsport discipline of rallying, Group Rally3 is a formula of rally car specification determined by the FIA for use in its international competitions: the World Rally Championship (WRC) and regional championships. National rallying competitions also allow Group Rally3 cars to compete. There are three technical subclasses of Group Rally3 however these do not affect competitive eligibility so 'Rally3' may be used alone with the same definition. The group was launched in 2021 with the homologation of the first car after the introduction of the Rally Pyramid initiative to reorganise the classes of car and championships in international rallying was approved in June 2018.[1]

    Group Rally3 cars were created to fill a gap in demand where existing four-wheel-drive (4WD) options such as Group Rally2 or Group Rally2-Kit were considered to be too expensive for cost conscious privateers and too high performance for newcomers to 4WD. Two-wheel-drive R3 cars from Group R were at level RC3 with the mentioned Rally2 and Rally2-Kit at level RC2 in the FIA's sporting classes. With the introduction of Rally3, R3 were reclassified to RC4.[1]


    Group Rally3 cars are defined in FIA document 'Appendix J - Article 260' as Touring Cars or Large Scale Series Production Cars, petrol engine, 4-wheel drive. A production touring car with at least 2500 identical units manufactured must be homologated in Group A, with all the components and changes that make it a Group Rally3 car homologated in an extension.[2]

    The subclasses are based on engine cylinder capacity in common with existing Group Rally4 classes, allowing for possibility of upgrade or sharing of many components with a Rally4 car. The group is designed to be entry level and the most cost-efficient way to go rallying with four-wheel drive. The FIA have included a rally-ready price cap of €100,000 in the homologation requirements. The cars have been described as a modern-day Group N and a 4WD version of the Rally4/R2 and with a 31mm restrictor, have a maximum power to weight ratio of 5.1kg/hp.[3][1]

    Key Specific Regulations for Cars in Group Rally3[2]
    Class Drivetrain Minimum




    Aspiration Fuel Maximum










    Ra3B 4WD 1210 kg 1390-1600cc Normal Petrol 6 31mm 6"x15" 7"x17" 2500
    927-1067cc Turbo
    Ra3C 1600-2000cc Normal
    1067-1333cc Turbo
    Ra3D 1333-1620cc Turbo

    FIA Competition

    Rally3 cars are placed alone in FIA 'RC3' sporting class.[4]

    Eligibility in FIA WRC Championships 2023
    Class Group WRC M T WRC2 WRC3 Masters Junior
    RC3 Rally3 Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Eligibility in FIA Regional Championships 2023
    Absolute Teams ERC3 ERC4 Jun Jun ARC2 ARC3 ARC4 Jun MERC2 MERC3 MERC4 Jun APRC3 APRC4 Jun NAC3 NAC4 Jun COD2 COD3 COD4
    RC3 Rally3 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


    Manufacturer Car Debut Homologation Basis Image
    United Kingdom Ford Fiesta Rally3[5] 2021 FIA - A5782
    Fiesta ST (Fiesta Mk7)
    1497cc Turbo
    Rally Poland 2021 Łukasz Byśkiniewicz 02.jpg
    France Renault Clio Rally3[6] 2023 Awaiting Homologation
    Source: FIA Homologation List 2021[7]

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