The following are a list of Le Mans Prototypes (LMP) race cars, running today, and in the past.

(Note: Some car chassis may have raced in multiple LMP classes through its lifetime or through different setups by teams. These cars are listed in every class they participated in.)

Brand Chassis Year Applications Notes Source
Acura ARX-01a 2007 LMP2 Modified from a Courage LC75
ARX-01b 2008 LMP2
ARX-02a 2009 LMP1
ARX-03a 2012 LMP1
ARX-03b 2012 LMP2 / P (US)
ARX-05 2018 DPi Modified from Oreca 07
ARX-06 2023 LMDh Based on a yet to be named Oreca LMP2 chassis
ADESS ADESS-02 2014 LMP2 Upgrade version of Lotus T128, never raced
ADESS-03 2015 LMP3
ADESS-03 Evo 2020 LMP3
Alba Engineering AR2 1993 WSC Modified from an AR2 category C2 racer
Alpine A450 2013 LMP2 Rebranded Oreca 03 chassis
A450b 2014 LMP2 Rebranded Oreca 03R chassis
A460 2016 LMP2 Rebranded Oreca 05 chassis
A470 2017 LMP2 Rebranded Oreca 07 chassis (homologated to the 2017 FIA, ACO, and IMSA regulations.)
A480 2021 LMP1/LMH Rebranded Rebellion R13 chassis
Argo Racing Cars JM19 1993 WSC Modified from Argo JM19 IMSA Camel Lights model
WSC001 1996 WSC Modified from incomplete Argo JM20 IMSA Camel GTP model
Ascari A410 2001 LMP900 Modified from Lola T92/10
KZR-1 2002 LMP900
Aston Martin AMR-One 2011 LMP1
Audi R8C 1999 LMGTP
R8R 1999 LMP900
R8 2000 LMP900
Built by Dallara, continuously evolved until 2005.
R10 TDI 2006 LMP1 Uses a TDI diesel engine.
R15 TDI 2009 LMP1 Uses a TDI diesel engine
R15 TDI Plus 2010 LMP1
R18 TDI 2011 LMP1 Uses a TDI diesel engine.
R18 Ultra 2012 LMP1 Upgraded, lighter version of R18 TDI
R18 e-Tron quattro 2012 LMP1 Same as R18 Ultra but with a hybrid system powering the front wheels.
R18 e-Tron quattro 2014 LMP1 Retains same name as 2012 model, but completely redesigned for 2014 LMP1 rules.
R18 e-Tron quattro 2016 LMP1 Upgraded high-nose bodywork and new lithium-ion battery energy storage in place of flywheel.
Aurus 01 2019 LMP2 Rebranded Oreca 07 chassis
AutoExe LMP99 1999 LMP Derived from a Riley & Scott Mk III
LMP 02 2002 LMP Derived from a WR, fitted with a Mazda Wankel engine.
AutoVolante WSC Alfa Romeo 1994 WSC Never raced
Bailey LMP2 2012 LMP2
Bennett 1994 WSC
Bentley EXP Speed 8 2001 LMGTP Built by Racing Technologies Norfolk
Speed 8 2003 LMGTP Complete redesign.
BGN APB-1 1998
BMW V12 LM 1998 WSC One car modified in 2000 by Goh and Dome
V12 LMR 1999 LMP900
M Hybrid V8 2023 LMDh Based on a yet to be named Dallara LMP2 chassis [1]
BR Engineering BR01 2015 LMP2 Coupe built for SMP Racing.
BR1 2018 LMP1 Joint developed with Dallara. [2]
BRM P301 1997 WSC Modified from BRM P351
Cadillac Northstar LMP 2000 LMP900 Designed by Riley & Scott, later upgraded to Northstar LMP01
Northstar LMP02 2002 LMP900 Built by 3GR
DPi-V.R 2017 DPi Dallara P217 chassis and Cadillac engine
V-LMDh 2023 LMDh Based on a yet to be named Dallara LMP2 Chassis
Cannibal 1996 WSC Modified from an Oldsmobile Cutlass [3]
Chevron B73 1996 WSC
Chrysler Patriot 1993 WSC Built and constructed by Reynard, never raced
LMP 2001 LMP900 Designed by Dallara
CLM P1/01 2014 LMP1
Courage C34 1995 WSC Modified from Courage C32
C36 1996 WSC Modified from Courage C32
C41 1995 WSC
C50 1998 WSC Modified from Courage C41
C51 1998 WSC Modified from Courage C41
C52 1999 LMP900 Modified from Courage C41. Also ran as the Nissan C52.
C60 2000 LMP900 Evolved into the C60JX in 2002
C65 2003 LMP675
Hybrid model in 2005
LC70 2006 LMP1 Not only the factory, also a customer car
LC75 2007 LMP2
LC70E 2009 LMP1
Consulier Intruder 1994 WSC
Crawford SSC2K 2001 LMP900
Creation CA06/H 2006 LMP1 A modification of the original Reynard 02S
CA07 2007 LMP1 Designed by KW Motorsport
Dallara SP1 2002 LMP900 Commercial application of the Chrysler LMP
GC-21 2002 LMP2 Rebodied Formula Three car originally for use in the revived Fuji Grand Champion Series, saw action in Japan Le Mans Challenge
P217 2017 LMP2/DPi LMP2 chassis homologated to the 2017 FIA, ACO, and IMSA regulations. Re-engineered and rebranded as the Cadillac DPi-V.R under IMSA DPi regulations.
Debora LMP200 2001 WSC
LMP201 1995 WSC
LMP294 1994 WSC Rebuilt from the Debora SP93
LMP295 1995 WSC
LMP296 1996 WSC
LMP297 1997 WSC
LMP299 1999 WSC
LMP2000 2000 LMP675
DBA 03S 2003 LMP675 Modified from Reynard 02S, created by RN Motorsport
DeltaWing 2012 Experimental Entered at Le Mans under Garage 56 rules. Modified into coupe version and raced in ALMS in P1 and P2.
Denali 1994 WSC Modified from Denali IMSA Camel Lights model
Dome S101 2001 LMP900
Evolved into hybrid LMP1 S101Hb in 2005
S101.5 2007 LMP1
S102 2008 LMP1 Closed-cockpit design
S102.5 2012 LMP1 Upgraded version of S102 by Pescarolo Sport
Strakka-Dome S103 2014 LMP2 Only tested in 2014, race debut in 2015
Duqueine D08 2020 LMP3
Durango PM02 2000 LMP900 Built by GMS; Judd V10 engine badged as MG
Embassy WF01 2008 LMP2 Zytek V8 engine
Epsilon Euskadi ee1 2008 LMP1 Closed-cockpit design
Fabcar 1994 WSC Never raced
Ferrari 333SP 1994 WSC Designed by Dallara, built by Michelotto, evolved into 333SP Evo in 1998
Gebhardt G4/1 1998 WSC
Modified from a Gebhardt C91 C2 racer
Gibson 015S 2015 LMP2 Modified Zytek Z11SN
Ginetta G57 P2 2016 LMP2 Basically the P3-15 but has 30% more downforce
G58 2018 LMP2
G61-LT-P3 2020 LMP3 Evolution of P3-15
G60-LT-P1 2018 LMP1 [4]
Ginetta-Juno LMP3 2015 LMP3 First LMP3 car to race, evolved into G57 P2, and subsequently G58
Glickenhaus SCG 007 2021 LMH
GMS LMP1 2000 LMP900
GreenGT H2 2013 Experimental Hydrogen-powered, never raced
LMPH2G 2018 Experimental Hydrogen-powered, uses an ADESS-03 chassis
H24 2020 Experimental Hydrogen-powered, uses an ADESS-03 chassis
Gunnar G99-S 2000 LMP900 Modified from a Porsche 911 GT1, never raced, modified to an IMSA GTS car
Harrier LR9C 1994 LMP2 Modified from road car sans roof[5]
LR10 2000 LMP900
HPD ARX-01c 2010 LMP2 Cars badged as HPD for 2010 season, previously Acura
ARX-01d 2011 LMP2
ARX-01e 2011 LMP1 Car only ran in 2011 12 Hours of Sebring before retirement
ARX-01g 2011 LMP2
ARX-03a 2012 LMP1
ARX-03b 2012 LMP2
ARX-03c 2013 LMP1 Revised version of ARX-03a
ARX-04b 2015 LMP2 Closed-cockpit design
Huffaker 1993 WSC Modified from Kudzu DG-1 IMSA Camel Lights model, raced once, modified to a Kudzu DG-2
Hawk Mandeville MD3R 1994 WSC
C-8 1996 WSC
Harvey-Mitchell HMR-01 1998 WSC
Kopf Keiler K2 1997 WSC Modified from a never-raced Chevron B71
Kremer K8 Spyder 1994 WSC Modified from Porsche 962
Kudzu DG-2 1993 WSC Modified from Kudzu DG-2 IMSA Camel Lights model
DG-3 1994 WSC Modified from Kudzu DG-3 IMSA Camel Lights model
DLM 1996 WSC 3-rotor
DLM-4 1997 WSC 4-rotor
DLY 1998 WSC Three major iterations, debut ('98), '99 longtail, '00 major revision
Lavaggi LS1 2006 LMP1
Ligier JS P2 2014 LMP2 Coupe
JS P3 2015 LMP3 Debuted in September 2015
JS P217 2017 LMP2 / DPi LMP2 chassis homologated to the 2017 FIA, ACO, and IMSA regulations. Re-engineered and rebranded as a Nissan Onroak DPi under IMSA DPi regulations.
JS P320 2020 LMP3 Built to new 2020 LMP3 Regulations, evolution of Ligier JS P3
Lister Storm LMP 2003 LMP900
Evolved into Storm LMP Hybrid in 2005
Lola B98/10 1998 WSC
B2K/10 2000 LMP900 First chassis with diesel power at Le Mans - Taurus Sports Racing w/ Caterpillar power, 2004
B2K/40 2000 LMP675
B01/60 2001 LMP675 Commercial application of the MG-Lola EX257
B05/40 2005 LMP2 Evolved into Lola B07/40 in 2007
B06/10 2006 LMP1 LMP1 evolution of the B05/40
B08/80 2008 LMP1
Closed-cockpit concept; raced in LMP1 in the 2011 American Le Mans Series season with an evolved B09/86 chassis.
B08/60 2008 LMP1 Closed-cockpit concept
Aston Martin B09/60 2009 LMP1 Closed-cockpit concept, developed by Aston Martin Racing and Prodrive
B11/40 2011 LMP2
B12/60 2012 LMP1
B12/80 2012 LMP2
Lotus Elise GT1 1997 LMGTP Originally a GT1 car
T128 2013 LMP2 Codeveloped by ADESS AG and Kodewa racing team
Lucchini Engineering LMP/93 1993 LMP
LMP2/04 2004 LMP2
Magnum SC205 1996 WSC
Mantac 1993 WSC Modified from Mantac GTP IMSA Camel Lights racer
Matrix MXP-1 1997 WSC Modified from Nissan NPT-90 [6]
Mazda SDR-14 2014 LMP2 Modified from Lola B12/80, uses a 2.2L SkyActiv Diesel engine
RT24-P 2017 DPi Riley-Multimatic Mk. 30 chassis and Mazda engine
McNeil Engineering Lola 881 1998 Modified from Lola T92/10
Mercedes-Benz CLR 1999 LMGTP
MG EX257 2001 LMP675 Designed by Lola (B01/60)
EX264 2005 LMP2 Evolved from Lola B05/40, built by RML using EX257 parts; evolved into EX265 in 2008
EX265C 2008 LMP2 Lola B08/80 chassis with EX264 parts
Morgan LMP2 2012 LMP2 Rebadged version of OAK-Pescarolo 01
LMP2 Evo 2015 LMP2 Evolution of Morgan LMP2
Nasamax DM139 2004 WSC
Modified from Reynard 01Q
Runs on bio-ethanol
Nissan R391 1999 LMP900
ZEOD RC 2014 Experimental Also entered under Garage 56 rules. First car to lap the Circuit de la Sarthe in racing conditions on electric power alone.
GT-R LM Nismo 2015 LMP1 Radical prototype utilising a front-mounted engine driving the front wheels, and designed to have a mechanical flywheel hybrid system which was never raced.
Norma Auto Concept M14 1995 WSC
M2000 2000 LMP900
M200P 2010 LMP2
M30 2017 LMP3
OAK-Pescarolo 01 2011 LMP1
Modified version of Pescarolo 01 built by OAK Racing. P2 version rebadged as Morgan in 2012.
Oreca 01 2009 LMP1
FLM09 2009 FLM Based on the Courage LC75
03 2011 LMP2
03R 2014 LMP2 modified Oreca 03
05 2015 LMP2 Coupe
07 2017 LMP2 / DPi LMP2 chassis homologated to the 2017 FIA, ACO, and IMSA regulations. Re-engineered and rebranded as an Acura ARX-05 under IMSA DPi regulations.
Oscar SK93 2006 LMP1 Rebodied single seater, Toyota 3S-GTE powered
KK-LM 2006 LMP2 Rebodied single seater, later Honda K20K powered
SK5.2 1994 RS/LMP2 Rebodied single seater, Mazda 13B powered
Osella PA20 1996 WSC Modified from a Group CN Osella PA20
Panoz LMP-1 Roadster-S 1999 LMP900 Front-engined, modified into LMP01 Evo in 2002
LMP07 2001 LMP900 Front-engined
Pegasus WSC 1993 WSC Modified from spaceframe Lotus Esprit IMSA GTS racer
NPTI 1996 WSC Modified from Nissan NPT-90
Pescarolo C60 2004 LMP900
Modified from Courage C60, evolved into C60H in 2005
01 2007 LMP1
"Evo" model introduced in 2009
02 2014 CN2 Built by Sora Composites; Was a candidate to LMP3
03 2012 LMP1 Based on the failed Aston Martin AMR-One, fitted with Judd engine.
Peugeot 908 HDi FAP 2007 LMP1
908 2011 LMP1 Hybrid version tested before Peugeot's withdrawal from prototype racing.
9X8 2022 LMH
Picchio Racing Cars MB1 1999 SR1
SR2 1999 SR2
Pilbeam Racing Designs MP84 2000 LMP675
MP91 2003 LMP675 Evolved from Pilbeam MP84
MP93 2005 LMP2
MP100 2014 LMP2 Heavily upgraded version of the MP93, only raced in South African local events
Phoenix 1994 WSC Never raced
Porsche LMP1-98 1998 LMP A factory-backed evolution of the former TWR WSC-95
LMP2000 2000 LMP900 Never raced
RS Spyder (9R6) 2006 LMP2 "Evo" model introduced in 2007
919 Hybrid 2014 LMP1 Upgraded in 2015, 2016, and 2017. Modified to unrestricted 919 Evo in 2018.
963 2023 LMDh Based on a yet to be named Multimatic LMP2 chassis
Promec PJ199 2001 LMP900
ProTran RS06/H 2006 LMP1 Modified from Reynard 2KQ
R&M SR-01 2002 LMP1
Radical SR9 2006 LMP2
SR10 2008 LMP1 Bio-Diesel-powered
SR10 2012 LMP2 different version powered by Roush-Yates Ford engine
Rebellion R-One 2014 LMP1 Built by Oreca. Design evolved into Oreca 05 LMP2 chassis
R13 2018 LMP1 Built by Oreca. Evolution based on Oreca 07 LMP2 chassis [7]
Reynard 2KQ 2000 LMP900
01Q 2001 LMP900
An upgrade of the 2KQ
02S 2002 LMP675 Never completed, modified by multiple manufacturers later
Riley & Scott Mk III 1996 WSC
Evolved into Mk III/2
Mk III C 2001 LMP900
Mk XIV 2007 LMP1 Customer car, none sold
Sarta Project 624 1999 Never raced
Riley-Ave Motorsports AR-2 2016 LMP3 Debuted in 2017 IMSA Prototype Challenge (was set to debut before in the 2016 European Le Mans Series season).
Riley/Multimatic Mk. 30 2017 LMP2 LMP2 chassis homologated to 2017 FIA, ACO, and IMSA regulations. Re-engineered and rebranded as the Mazda RT24-P under IMSA DPi regulations.
Shelby American LR-93 1993 WSC Modified from a Shelby Can-Am model
SNBE Snobeck LM01 2000
Spice Engineering WSC94 1994 WSC
AK93 1994 WSC Modified from AK93 IMSA Camel Lights racer
DR-3 1994 WSC
SE89 1993 WSC Modified from SE89 IMSA Camel Lights/C2 racer
SE90 1993 WSC Modified from SE90 IMSA Camel Lights/C2 racer
HC94 1994 WSC Modified from AK93 WSC
BDG-02 1995 WSC Modified from HC94
Tampolli RTA-01 2004 LMP2
RTA-98 1998 WSC
Tiga Race Cars GT286 Spyder 1994 WSC Modified from Tiga GT286 IMSA Camel Lights model
FJ94 1994 WSC Modified from Tiga GT287 IMSA Camel Lights model
DBIV 1994 WSC Modified from Tiga GT286 IMSA Camel Lights model
LM214 2015 LMP2 Modified from Embassy WF01, never raced
Toyota TOM's Toyota LMP 1996 LMP900 Built by TOM's Toyota, never raced
GT-One (TS020) 1998 LMGTP Formerly in the GT1 class, but converted to LMGTP due to rule changes in the GT1 class
TS030 Hybrid (TS030) 2012 LMP1
TS040 Hybrid (TS040) 2014 LMP1 TS030's 3.4-litre V8 enlarged to 3.7 litres
TS050 Hybrid (TS050) 2016 LMP1 New 2.4-litre twin-turbo V6 and lithium-ion batteries replace the TS040's 3.7-litre naturally aspirated V8 and supercapacitor energy store.
GR010 Hybrid 2021 LMH
TWR WSC-95 1995 WSC Modified from Jaguar XJR-14, semi-backed by Porsche
WR LM93 1993 LMP
Peugeot powered
LM94 1995 LMP2 Peugeot powered, evolved into LM96 in 1996
LMP 98 1998 LMP1
Peugeot powered, evolved into LMP 99 in 1999
LMP 2000 LMP675 Evolved into LM 2001 in 2001 and LMP-02 in 2002
LMP2003 2003 LMP675 Evolved into LMP2004 in 2004
LMP2008 2008 LMP2 Zytek powered
Zulltec CZ-01 2006 LMP2 Never raced
Zytek 04S 2004 LMP900
Modified from Reynard 02S
06S 2006 LMP1 Hybrid model of 04S
07S 2007 LMP1
GZ09S 2009 LMP1
Co-developed by Ginetta Cars, hybrid model named the GZ09HS.
Z11SN 2011 LMP2


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