Turismo Carretera (Road racing, lit., Road Touring) is a popular stock car racing series in Argentina, and the oldest auto racing series still active in the world. The series is organized by Asociación Corredores de Turismo Carretera.

The first TC competition took place in 1937 with 12 races, each in a different province. Future Formula One star Juan Manuel Fangio (Chevrolet) won the 1940 and 1941 editions of the TC. It was during this time that the series' Chevrolet-Ford rivalry began, with Ford acquiring most of its historical victories.

Until the 1960s the races were held on temporarily closed roads, hence the series' name. These improvised circuits would often present a combination of dirt and asphalt surfaces unlike those of dedicated race tracks.

During the 1960s the category began employing high-end technologies, with local manufacturers investing heavily for prestige. Ford Motor Argentina and Chevrolet were main contenders, with Dodge to a lesser degree. The European brand Renault, which had merged with Industrias Kaiser Argentina and thus inherited the Rambler range, was also a contender.

In the 1970s, the Sport Prototipo (modified cars in the Gran Turismo vein) category was spun off TC to allow TC to return to its stock-car roots which made it immensely popular with small-town audiences. The spin-off withered away slowly. A second spin-off was TC 2000 Championship in the 1980s which allowed the showcasing of the smaller cars most Argentines were driving, thus including Peugeot, Renault, Fiat and Volkswagen, and later, Japanese brands as well. TC 2000 soon became as popular as TC itself.

In later years, and to preserve its main draw, TC has been clinging to the larger models that have mostly gone out of use in Argentine roads, and incorporated imported engines.

Brands in TC still have huge fan bases, with Ford and Chevrolet being the largest. General Motors decided to end manufacturing Chevy Coupé SS (Chevrolet Nova) in Argentina in 1977. Dodge and IKA-Torino are the other two participants with wins in TC.



The circuits used in 2021:

Active cars

Both Dodge and Torino were equipped with Chrysler Cherokee engines after 1995. Back when they won the titles they were equipped with their original engines. (a Dodge "Slant Six" engine for Dodge and a Tornado engine for the Torino).


Year Driver Car
Campeonato Argentino de Velocidad
1937 Eduardo Pedrazzini Ford
1938 Ricardo Risatti Ford
Turismo Carretera
1939 Ángel Lo Valvo Ford
1940 Juan Manuel Fangio Chevrolet
1941 Juan Manuel Fangio Chevrolet
1942 Cancelled
1943-46 Not held
1947 Oscar Gálvez Ford
1948 Oscar Gálvez Ford
1949 Juan Gálvez Ford
1950 Juan Gálvez Ford
1951 Juan Gálvez Ford
1952 Juan Gálvez Ford
1953 Oscar Gálvez Ford
1954 Oscar Gálvez Ford
1955 Juan Gálvez Ford
1956 Juan Gálvez Ford
1957 Juan Gálvez Ford
1958 Juan Gálvez Ford
1959 Rodolfo de Álzaga Ford
1960 Juan Gálvez Ford
1961 Oscar Gálvez Ford
1962 Dante Emiliozzi Ford
1963 Dante Emiliozzi Ford
1964 Dante Emiliozzi Ford
1965 Dante Emiliozzi Ford
1966 Juan Manuel Bordeu Chevrolet
1967 Eduardo Copello Torino
1968 Carlos Pairetti Chevrolet
1969 Gastón Perkins Torino
1970 Rubén Luis di Palma Torino
1971 Rubén Luis di Palma Torino
1972 Héctor Gradassi Ford
1973 Nasif Estéfano Ford
1974 Héctor Gradassi Ford
1975 Héctor Gradassi Ford
1976 Héctor Gradassi Ford
1977 Juan María Traverso Ford
1978 Juan María Traverso Ford
1979/80 Francisco Espinosa Chevrolet
1980/81 Antonio Aventín Dodge
1981 Roberto Mouras Dodge
1982 Jorge Martínez Boero Ford
1983 Roberto Mouras Dodge
1984 Roberto Mouras Dodge
1985 Roberto Mouras Dodge
1986 Oscar Angeletti Dodge
1987 Oscar Castellano Dodge
1988 Oscar Castellano Dodge
1989 Oscar Castellano Ford
1990 Emilio Satriano Chevrolet
1991 Oscar Aventín Ford
1992 Oscar Aventín Ford
1993 Walter Hernández Ford
1994 Eduardo Ramos Ford
1995 Juan María Traverso Chevrolet
1996 Juan María Traverso Chevrolet
1997 Juan María Traverso Chevrolet
1998 Guillermo Ortelli Chevrolet
1999 Juan María Traverso Ford
2000 Guillermo Ortelli Chevrolet
2001 Guillermo Ortelli Chevrolet
2002 Guillermo Ortelli Chevrolet
2003 Ernesto Bessone Dodge
2004 Omar Martínez Ford
2005 Juan Manuel Silva Ford
2006 Norberto Fontana Dodge
2007 Christian Ledesma Chevrolet
2008 Guillermo Ortelli Chevrolet
2009 Emanuel Moriatis Ford
2010 Agustín Canapino Chevrolet
2011 Guillermo Ortelli Chevrolet
2012 Mauro Giallombardo Ford
2013 Diego Aventín Ford
2014 Matías Rossi Chevrolet
2015 Omar Martínez Ford
2016 Guillermo Ortelli Chevrolet
2017 Agustín Canapino Chevrolet
2018 Agustín Canapino Chevrolet
2019 Agustín Canapino Chevrolet
2020 Mariano Werner Ford
2021 Mariano Werner Ford

Other active drivers


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