KN 0451

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Current owner: John Crighton, W.A.

Information: Built in 1935 as a black pillarless saloon for the home market.

History: An original Extract from Registration Particulars exists showing the date of registration was 7/10/1935, the number was ADG 409 and has continuous license stamps up to 1963.

The car was purchased on 9/9/2010 by Lou Symes in W.A., from Patrick Boghossi in Buckinghamshire UK. The car was already partly built in the style of a K3 with bodywork by Steve Gilbert.  L.S. imported the car and the build was then completed to a very high standard by John Hunting in W.A.

Sold to J.C. after L.S. passed away.

  • Listing ID: 1966
  • Magnette: KN
  • Chassis Number: 0451
  • Year of Production: 1935
  • Previous Owners: Patrick Boghossi, Bucks., UK ?-2010
    Lou Symes, WA 2010-2022
  • Current Owner: John Crighton
  • Original Engine Number: 712 AKN
  • Current Engine Number: 712 AKN
  • Date Acquired: 2022
  • Current Reg: KN K3 (WA)