SA 0499

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Current owner; Paul Williams, Victoria.

Information; Built as a 4-door saloon in 1936.


SA0499 is believed to be the first SA to arrive in Australia, arriving 9/7/1936 aboard ‘the Imperial Star’ imported by P&R Williams in NSW.

Early owners are unknown prior to Graham Nicholls of the S.A. M.G. Car Club who was using the car in the 1960s. Moss Upton bought the car in the early ’70s in going order.

A full body restoration and repaint was carried out in the early 1980s by Giovanni Pagnussat who rebuilt the wooden body frame and replaced the sunshine roof, along with repainting the car in Oxford/Cambridge blue.

It was re-trimmed at the same time by Mick Messenger.  Moss and Wendy Upton attended most South Australian M.G.C.C. National Meetings and many Pre-war Register Rallies driving SA0499 until selling the car to Ken and Ellen Wilson in 2013.

Unfortunately Ken passed away but Ellen continued to use and maintain the car with practical support from Tony Slattery.  Ellen eventually sold the car to P.W. in 2023.

  • Listing ID: 1673
  • SVW: SA
  • Chassis Number: 0499
  • Year of Production: 1936
  • Previous Owners: Graham Nichols, S.A. 1960s
    Mostyn and Wendy Upton, S.A. 1970s to 2013.
    Ellen Wilson, Qld, 2013 to 2023
  • Current Owner: Paul Williams
  • Original Engine Number: QPHG 755
  • Current Engine Number: QPHG 755
  • Date Acquired: October 2023
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