SA 1137

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Information / History:
The earliest record of SA 1137 is that it was purchased from a used car yard in Adelaide by David Ragless in the early 1950’s.
He eventually sold it to finance the overhaul of a Y-type engine and after several owners it finished up with Bob Bazzica in 1965, and he describes it as “in pieces”. Bob had the engine rebuilt and the seats re-trimmed, and then put it on the road in April 1966;  he used it as an every-day car for some time.

Alan bought it from Bob on 3 April 2000 in going condition.
Since then I have had door trims re-done and a new head-lining fitted. Only mechanical work has been an overhaul of the braking system.  Now concessionally registered as MGS 37.

  • Listing ID: 1527
  • SVW: SA
  • Chassis Number: 1137
  • Year of Production: 1937
  • Previous Owners: Alan Robinson
  • Current Owner: Barry Shinfield
  • Date Acquired: 3 April 2000
  • Current Reg: MGS 37