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Posted 6 months ago

Current owner: Morgan Family, Victoria. Car Location: U.K. MMM No: 81. Information: Said to be one of the most original surviving M.G. C-types. Owned by Aussies and kept in the UK for their use when visiting. Guarantee plate issued 1/8/31.  Car painted black and red. Registration no. JK 1932. History:...

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Posted 1 year ago

Current owner: Unknown, car currently located in the UK. MMM No: 2291 Information: Although now located in the UK this car is included here because it spent most of its life in Australia.  For all of that time was the only C-type in the country.  Another has arrived since. Guarantee...

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Posted 2 years ago

Current owner:  Morgan Family, Victoria. MMM No: 591. History:  C0261 is the tenth of the batch of 14 cars built in the twelve days prior to the 1931 12/12 hour race at Brooklands. The design concept had been decided long before then but parts had to be sourced and the...

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