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Posted 3 weeks ago

Current owner:- Marguerite Morgan Location:- U.K. Rated as one of the most original surviving M.G. C-types. Owned by Aussies and kept in the UK for their use when visiting.

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Posted 10 months ago

C 0291 carrying UK registration JK 2340 was originally bought by a Harry Leeson who died in a racing accident at Brooklands in 1932.  The car was bought in 1933 by Mr John Ford who raced it at Le Mans finishing in 6th. He also entered the 1933 Mannin Beg...

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Posted 1 year ago

Current owner:  Marguerite Morgan, Victoria. History: In 1931 Abingdon produced 44 C-types also known as Montlhery Midgets.  It is believed that 24 are still in existence. They had a 746cc engine and initially were fitted with the AA head and not supercharged.  Later, blowers were added and later still the...

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