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Posted 3 years ago

Current owner:- Col Schiller, Queensland Information: Car no. 167064 frame no. 164064 with 4-seat body by Carbodies, built in 1927. History:  Written by Ron Button when he purchased this car from Jim Marriott in 1987. Jim owned a sheet metal works in Caringbah and stored the M.G. on blocks in...

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Posted 3 years ago

Current owner:- Terry Prodger, N.S.W. Information: Built as a 4-seat tourer with the body supplied by Carbodies, the guarantee plate was issued 21/10/25. One of eight Bullnose M.G.s known to have survived out of approx. 336 built between 1924 & ’26. History: written by Julie Prodger (edited). The Sunday Times...

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