Allan Reid’s NA – 2017 Pre-War MG National Gathering

2017 – Yamba, NSW – hosted by our Queensland Colleagues

Murray Arundell outlines ideas for our next Pre-War MG Register national gathering under the auspices of the Gold Coast MG Car Club (GCMGCC)…

The event to be run October 13 – 16 2017 will be held using a similar format to previously held Pre-War MG National Gatherings in Bathurst.

There will naturally be some differences. The biggest and most noticeable being in response to suggestions from down south that the event be expanded to a three day event.

The idea being that as many participants will be travelling a considerable distance to attend, a three day event would make the journey all that more worthwhile. Additionally, being held across three days allows us to offer the attendees a full event while allowing plenty of opportunities for socialising and relaxing while enjoying their cars in the beautiful Clarence Valley region of NSW.

The event will be run under the auspices of the Gold Coast MG Car Club (GCMGCC). The GCMGCC will provide a CAMS permit for the event. It is envisaged that the GCMGCC will open a separate bank account styled as “2017 Pre-War MG Gathering” where all incomes and outgoings will be deposited.

 They’re also providing us with a designated Treasurer for the event. This will certainly assist in easing the workload for the organisers. GCMGCC people will also be helping out with the planning of the touring routes as well.

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