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 Magnette /  Western Australia / 465 views

Current owner: Marguerite Morgan, Victoria. Information: Four-seat tourer, KD engine, ENV pre selector gearbox, restored to original factory standard. Engine No. 624 AKD (on Engine and Plate) Body No 139/9799 Body Type B224. History: Imported from the UK by Clifford (Ross) Kelly.  The car required considerable work to bring it...

 Magnette /  Victoria / 492 views

 Magnette /  Victoria / 490 views

 Magnette /  Victoria / 432 views

Current owner: Ray and John Abikhair, Victoria. MMM No: 1620 Information: Built in 1934 as a pillarless saloon; 0434 was the 5th last - 0438 being the last and replaced by the KN model. History:  Recorded by Michael Carr. The history of the vehicle is well documented with its original...

 Magnette /  Victoria / 527 views