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Posted 4 years ago

Current owner: Col Schiller, Queensland History: M.G. 18/80 Mark I Speed Model built 12/3/31 The M.G. Car Company ordered approximately twenty five bodies from Carbodies to 1930 international racing specifications intended for use on Mk III chassis, known as 18/100 Tigress. Only five of this model were built so the...

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Posted 4 years ago

Current owner: Peter Partridge, Western Australia History: The photos showing M.G. 18/80 Mk 1, chassis 2FS6268 engine JA8882, are from the Medlen family who have a farm at Williams, south of Perth in the wheat belt and show the first owner of the car, Doug Medlen.  The family claims the...

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Posted 4 years ago

Current owner: Ian Curwen-Walker, South Australia Information: Oxford built 1929 History: Early history unknown. Appeared in South Australia wearing a locally built body.  Registration number SA 168 849. Raced in the 1939 Australian Stock Car Road Championship, Lobethal, S.A., driven by Selwyn R. Haig (race result unknown).  The car was...

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