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Current owner: Neil Anderson, Qld. MMM No; 2491 Information; Built in 1936 as a 2-seater for the home market. History; None supplied.

 Magnette /  Queensland / 418 views

 Magnette /  Western Australia / 374 views

 Magnette /  South Australia / 407 views

History: This NB was purchased by Peter Harper, the current owner’s father, of Adelaide in 1979 from Barry Walker (UK). The car was complete but required a full restoration which was carried out in the early 1990s. Its high standard of finish and the attention to detail is much admired...

 Magnette /  South Australia / 419 views

 Magnette /  Queensland / 401 views

 Magnette /  Victoria / 417 views

Currently being moved to NZ

 Magnette /  Victoria / 376 views

History: John acquired this NB in 2004 during a visit to the UK, from his old friend Barry Walker, who was selling pre-war parts at Prescott Hill Climb.  Previously the car had been in the same family for 40 years, MMM Register Number 1698. Since arriving in Australia in February...

 Magnette /  Victoria / 437 views

 Magnette /  New South Wales / 361 views