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History: Bought from Vic Spunner of Morwell, Victoria, TA2391 was in its infancy of restoration and included another TA in a million bits.  This car was restored and has won two State and three National Concours in classes up to TF.  Two of these wins were outright in above category...

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Current Owner: Frank Hiscock, Queensland Information: Built 18/8/1936 as a 2-seat roadster. History: This car is a very early example being the 143rd built. We do not know its early history - it first came to our attention when it was bought, incomplete, at auction by Graham Hamilton in Pretoria,...

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Current owner; Unknown, U.K. Information; This TA roadster, built 8/9/36, has been returned to the U.K.

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Information / History:  TA (Tickford) 60% Restored

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History: The car was originally purchased in Sydney by Mr. Fokes of Bundaberg Qld.  Sold to Connie Karhula (nee Jordan) in Brisbane in 1944.  Purchased by Rod  Hiley in 1967. I purchased it from Rod in 1979.  The car still has full registration carried on I presume from 1944. Reg...

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Current owner: Michael O'Brien, Queensland Information:  Built on 7/7/1937, and imported into Australia by Lanes Motors in Melbourne, Victoria History:  TA1553 rolled out of the Abington factory on Wednesday, 7th July 1937, was imported into Australia by Lanes Motors in Melbourne, and is believed to have been sold to a...

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Information / History: Presently being restored hopefully to run at Yamba Rally 2017. As per ‘Newsletter No: 1/2012 March.

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Current owner:- Col Schiller, Queensland. History:- Rolling chassis TA 0355 was despatched from Abingdon on 27th July 1936 and delivered by Carbodies on 1st December, 1936 to become one of only two TA chassis fitted with an Airline body.  There are approximately 24 Airline bodied M.G.s surviving around the world,...

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History: There were two criteria for Roger when building this TA Special. Firstly it should look like the 1934 K3 and secondly it should have supercharged Repco-Holden power. In addition to fulfilling these criteria it is also fitted with a pre-war preselector gearbox. “What a rocket’. It looks absolutely fabulous,...

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