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History: Purchased from Kevin Armstrong in April 2000 and previously owned by Allison Magilton until about 1979.  It is believed to be an ex NSW car, but no early history is available. It has been used in competition by the present owner at Sandown and Phillip Island, Rob Roy, Mt...

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Information / History:  I came across TA1475 as remnants of a workshop fire in the late John Munro's workshop. The chassis was still in "rolling" state albeit no rubber and in reasonable condition save for a little heat. Apparently I believe a Paine fibreglass body was fitted some mods had...

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History: Photo above from the RACV calendar. Below: Motorclassica 2011

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History: Maroon in colour, this TA left Abingdon in December 1938 and was first registered in the UK in April 1939. Found as a derelict in 1960 it was rebuilt for everyday use and is still fitted with the standard 1292 cc OHV MPJG engine with a cork in oil...

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Arrived in Australia by sea in October 2008

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John Lackey, Allan Tomlinson & Robert Rowe with the replica of "The Supercharged T".  Tomlinson's car was always known as "The Supercharged T" just as Allan was known as "The Driver"!!!  The car is as close a replica as we could make it!  Allan Tomlinson signed the car "Authorised by...

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Next owner: Lawson Harris

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Current owner; Alan Taylor, NSW. Information; TA roadster built 16/11/1937.  Bought by Alan's father in 1960s.

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Current owner: Peter Svilans, Ontario, Canada. The following details supplied by Pater Svilans. Information: Completed Wed. October 27, 1937, the tenth car of twenty-five built that day.  It was exported directly to Newcastle, NSW, and has the "Made in England" brass plate as fixed to all export cars. History: The...

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History: Details required

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Current Owner: David Godwin, Queensland History: This car was found in a barn in Tamworth, fitted with a Holden motor, hand painted yellow and used as a paddock basher. Jeff Newey, the previous owner, located the original engine in a boat and traded another engine for it. The car was...

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