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The Vehicle Registrar: Marguerite Morgan

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Vehicle Reg Owner Previous Owners Location
TA 1053 Victoria
TA 1089 Joe Ricardo Western Australia
TA 1106 Peter Hamilton New South Wales
TA 1164 John Lackey New South Wales
TA 1243 Peter Lloyd New South Wales
TA 1288 Angela McLean South Australia
TA 1346 Geoff Davis Brian Bell, Derbyshire, UK. ?-'68. Western Australia
TA 1389 Allan Herring Western Australia
TA 1390 Neil Trezise Victoria
TA 1418 Bill Hicks Western Australia
TA 1429 Trevor Page New South Wales
TA 1430 David Schoch, Queensland Jeoff Turner, N.S.W. Allan Wettenhall, Vic. Queensland
TA 1456 David Wright Victoria
TA 1457 Ian Pardey New South Wales
TA 1475 Brian Murphy John Munro, Vic. Bob Somerville, Vic. Andrew Rennie, Vic. Victoria
TA 1536 Jacqui & Ray Mutton Queensland
TA 1553 David Godwin Allan Lim Joon Victoria Queensland
TA 1579 Hein Ottens Victoria
TA 1626 Ron & Lindy Taylor New South Wales
TA 1645 Ray McGhie Queensland
TA 1692 Jim McWhirter Western Australia
TA 1712 Rob Baylis Queensland
TA 1715 Neville Howell Victoria
TA 1744 Ian & Crystal Phillips Queensland
TA 1763 Peter Donald Victoria
TA 1811 Jim Lahm New South Wales
TA 1850 Ron Lutz New South Wales
TA 1939 Alan Taylor New South Wales
TA 1940 Peter Scott Tasmania
TA 1945 Ian Fraser Victoria