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Vehicle Reg Owner Previous Owners Location
TA 1947 Keith Choice Western Australia
TA 1951 Glen O'Brian Queensland
TA 1980 Claude Harris Jim Shipp, Sid Rutty New South Wales
TA 2034 John Lackey New South Wales
TA 2116 Martin Finning Western Australia
TA 2137 Peter Werczyk New South Wales
TA 2160 Neil Rankine Victoria
TA 2210 Alan Taylor New South Wales
TA 2275 Errol Walker Queensland
TA 2309 Keith Beauglehall Victoria
TA 2312 Graeme Louk New South Wales
TA 2369 Max Stephenson Queensland
TA 2378 Bob Schapel South Australia
TA 2391 Ron Smith South Australia
TA 2478 Martin Barrett South Australia
TA 2499 Richard Millington Victoria
TA 2510 Ron Smith South Australia
TA 2510 Richard Payne Western Australia
TA 2532 Nigel Schofield, Vic. Mr and Mrs Dwyer, UK - N.S.W. Stuart Schofield, N.S.W. Victoria
TA 2581 Graeme Steinfort Victoria
TA 2632 Tony Slattery Richard Plamisano Queensland
TA 2765 Ron Taylor New South Wales
TA 2828 Helen Gillett Victoria
TA 2833 Phil Cassie Victoria
TA 2841 Tim Perrin? Australia
TA 2854 Geoff Wallbridge South Australia
TA 2885 Paul Challeyer Victoria
TA 2908 Chas Bassingthwaite Queensland
TA 2939 Bob Horn South Australia
TA 2954 Peter Lloyd New South Wales