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Vehicle Reg Owner Previous Owners Location
SA 0945 Maurice Timms Bruce Mc Donald Victoria
SA 1965 Stephen Gaal Mr de Braine, '37, Farrow and Son 38-60, John Bell, Phillip Downing, Jack Clark '81, Basil Payne '94, Roger Miles '97, Barbara Miles, Gary Perry '97-2010 UK, Dr. Aubrey L. Paverd, Vic 2020 Victoria
SA 2089 Maurice Timms Victoria
SA 2383 Harry Hickling Ron Killkullen, WA, ?-2022. Victoria
SA 2551 Ray Abikhair Ted Gamlen, Qld ?-1971. Rod Hiley, Qld., 71 - 85. Walter Magilton, Vic. 85 - 07. Col Schiller, Qld. 07 - 2020. Victoria
TA 0718 David Bell Anthony Molina Victoria
TA 0545 Patrick Ryan Victoria
TA 0983 Brian Sheaffe Victoria
TA 0988 Walter Magilton Brian Sheaffe, Ian Mawson Victoria
TA 1053 Colin Brown Victoria
TA 1390 Neil Trezise Victoria
TA 1456 David Wright Victoria
TA 1475 Brian Murphy John Munro, Vic. Bob Somerville, Vic. Andrew Rennie, Vic. Victoria
TA 1579 Hein Ottens Victoria
TA 1715 Neville Howell Victoria
TA 1763 Peter Donald Victoria
TA 1945 Ian Fraser Victoria
TA 2160 Neil Rankine Victoria
TA 2309 Keith Beauglehall Victoria
TA 2499 Richard Millington Victoria
TA 2581 Graeme Steinfort Kevin Armstrong, Allison Magilton Victoria
TA 2828 Helen Gillett Victoria
TA 2832 Nigel Schofield Mr and Mrs Dwyer, UK - N.S.W. Stuart Schofield, N.S.W. Victoria
TA 2833 Phil Cassie Victoria
TA 2885 Paul Chaleyer Victoria
TA 2935 Peter Matters Victoria
TA 3107 Patrick Ryan Victoria
TA 3241 Roger Watts Victoria
TB 0508 Graeme & Jennie Jackson Victoria
TB 0534 John Noble Victoria