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Vehicle Reg Owner Previous Owners Location
TA 2982 Phillip & Moreen Dadd New South Wales
TA 3107 Patrick Ryan Victoria
TA 3118 TBA New South Wales
TA 3176 Richard Barton New South Wales
TA 3178 TBA New South Wales
TA 3241 Roger Watts Victoria
TA 3242 Unknown Bruce Croft Queensland
TB 0342 Col Schiller 46-49 Alf Najar, 49-54 Peter Critchley, 54-57 Alan Murray (rebodied), 58 Paul Samuels, 60-77 Brian Hayden and others, 77-78 Barry Papps, 78-80 Greg Smith (rebuilt) 80-17 Ron Townley, 2018 Damian Tange, 2018 Col Schiller Queensland
TB 0366 Stuart Ratcliff New South Wales
TB 0400 Bob Lyons Miss L. Lanyon, Cornwall, UK 1939>? 1978>2018 Frank Horwood, NSW. New South Wales
TB 0417 Col Schiller Ron Hay, Greg and Alan Nolan, Jim (Tex) Downie, John Nind. Queensland
TB 0460 Jeff Newey New South Wales
TB 0478 Rees Mackay New South Wales
TB 0499 John Mullens New South Wales
TB 0500 Peter Partridge Western Australia
TB 0508 Ivan Glasby New South Wales
TB 0508 Graeme & Jennie Jackson Victoria
TB 0511 Unknown Rod Hiley Australia
TB 0515 Ray Tolcher New South Wales
TB 0534 John Noble Victoria
TB 0547 Peter Werczyk Ross Robertson New South Wales
TB 0551 Brian Smyth Victoria
TB 0554 Brian Langlands New South Wales
TB 0558 Bob Horn South Australia
TB 0562 Daniel Wong Queensland
TB 0609 Jeff Brown Roger Williams Victoria
TB 0616 John Field Tasmania
TB 0620 Allan Herring Western Australia
VA 0517 Unknown Rod Wise, NSW. Offered for sale 1974. 1979 PW Register, Barry French, NSW. Ed Ison, NSW. For sale 2009. New South Wales
VA 0838 Tony & Debbie Slattery Barry Harvey, Chip Hedges, Michael Bayer, Dr. Rodney Lumer, Peter Baker, ???, ??? still looking for more. Queensland