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Vehicle Reg Owner Previous Owners Location
J2 3627 Peter Clark Victoria
J2 3661 Peter Partridge Western Australia
J2 3662 Rob Bodkin Western Australia
J2 3727 Ruth Moore Victoria
J2 4111 Peter Clark Victoria
J2 4112 John Byrne Queensland
J2 4212 Ron Killcullen Walter Magilton Western Australia
J2 4257 Unknown David McKenzie, N.S.W. Kevin Riseley, Vic. Ray Delaney, Vic. Brian Hussey, Vic. Victoria
J2 4281 Graeme Jackson G.B. Ruddle, 1933-? Dudley Smith, 1966-67 Gary Grant, 1967-1981. Bill Andrews, 1981 2002. Ross Kelly, 2002 -2015. Victoria
J2 4283 Morgan Family Victoria
J2 4294 Brian Oxley Capital Territory
J2 4319 Ralph Leach Alastair Clarke Queensland
J2 4330 Ian Buckley Bob Bazzica, S.A. South Australia
J2 4359 Morgan Family Victoria
J2 4371 Ray Fowler New South Wales
J2 4383 Col Schiller John and Barbara Payne, South Australia Don Shinners, South Aust. Queensland
J2 4404 John Murn New South Wales
J2 4416 Richard Gregory New South Wales
J2 4417 Ian Head Maxwell Hobson, Vic. Victoria
J2 4418 Noel Becker David Pritchard, N.S.W. Philip Wells, W.A. Western Australia
J3 3756 George and Marguerite Morgan Walter Magilton Victoria
J3 3762 Ed Taylor L Dennis (UK), S Frazer (UK), Britannia Motors (Vic), K Bartlet (NSW), A Oliver (Vic), S Edwards (Vic), J Barraclough (NSW), R Bird (Vic), A Hallett , J Watson, D Watson, B Gibson Victoria
J3 3763 Bill Fuller 1933 - L. Castleton-Knight, London. 1933-34 K.H. Perry, UK. !934 George Martin Melbourne, Aus. 1936 Stan Edwards, 1937 Derry George, 1947 Bill Prowse, 1949 Jackson Oxlade, 49 John Lynch, 49 Rod Jackson, 51 Robert Thomas, 59 Frank Wright, 60 Unknown, 63 Rod Pratt, 68 Bill Atherton, 73 Gary Grant, 79 Peter Callaghhan, 2000 Paul Latham, 2000 Bill Andrews, 2003 Ross Kelly, 2011 Queensland
J3 3766 Lost Cec Warren Australia
J3 3767 Batkin family Victoria
J3 3770 Daniel Roberts, USA Peter Briggs, Western Australia North America
J3 3771 Tim Jackson 1933 P. Strong ??? UK. 1934 W.B.Horsely Vic., Aust. 1937 W.E Bishop Vic. 1950s Winston Bolwell, Vic. 1961 Siang Tjio, Vic. Victoria
J4 No No. Australia
K1 0330 Georg Leitl Victoria
K1 0411 Marguerite Morgan Ross Kelly 2009-17, David Gregory ?-2009. Victoria