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Current Owner: John Hunting, Western Australia Information: No history provided

 Magna /  Western Australia / 411 views

Current Owner: Martin Barrett, South Australia Information: Continental Coupe under restoration

 Magna /  South Australia / 397 views

Current Owner: Alistair Coombe Estate, South Australia Information: No history provided

 Magna /  South Australia / 403 views

Current Owner: Dino Mattea, Queensland History: This car was delivered in chassis form in 1933 and was immediately prepared for a career in racing. It was entered in the 1934 AGP by J Summers but crashed out on lap 14. Later in the year he had much better success in...

 Magna /  Queensland / 394 views

Current Owner: Unknown Information: Supercharged, ENV preselector gearbox, 2 seater aluminium body. Hydraulic brakes.  Building of car in current configuration was commenced & substantially completed by John Butterfield. It was John's intention to have a fast road/ racing M.G. Car and engine has been rebuilt in Brisbane, (principally by Joe...

 Magna /  Australia / 411 views

Current Owner: Greg Nener, Victoria Information: No history provided

 Magna /  Victoria / 360 views

Current Owner: Warwick Anderson, Victoria Information: No history provided

 Magna /  Victoria / 362 views

Current Owner: Georg Leitl, Victoria History: L0658 was delivered by Lanes Motors in 1933 to a V. Maloney and from then until the 1960s very little is known. The only information is that it was raced extensively and at one stage had a bronze head fitted.  The motor was taken...

 Magna /  Victoria / 440 views

Current Owner: Ryan Thompson, Victoria Information: No history provided

 Magna /  Victoria / 417 views

Current Owner: Allan Wettenhall, Victoria MMM No: 2478 Infomation: Built 17/10/1933 fitted with one of 98 Continental Coupe bodies,  carrying UK registration number AXW 363.  An early owner (if not the first) was Charles Ward, a part of the coach building company Park Ward. History: After Ward disposed of the...

 Magna /  Victoria / 503 views

Current Owner: James Earl, Victoria History: This car was manufactured on 5th October 1933 and shipped as a rolling chassis to Lanes Motors on the Orsova. It was transferred to Brittania Motors who sold it to 36093 Kennard on 23 November 1933 and it was registered Vic 36093. A close...

 Magna /  Victoria / 420 views

Current Owner: Gary Grant, Victoria History: 1934 Winter 100 Winner, later known as Mercury Magna. This Magna was supplied to Les Jennings via Lanes Motors in early November 1933. The car was not even in rolling chassis form with many parts contained in hessian bags. The engine supplied with this...

 Magna /  Victoria / 450 views

Current Owner: Graeme & Jennie Jackson, Victoria Information: After a nut and bolt restoration L0532 won the prestigious 2012 Victorian Concours.  

 Magna /  Victoria / 370 views

Current Owner: Peter Booth, Victoria Information: The vehicle is located in East Gippsland where it has been since we moved here in 1983. L 0481 was purchased in the early 70’s, having been recovered from the roof space of an old foundry in Melbourne, stored in boxes.It has been registered...

 Magna /  Victoria / 461 views

 Magna /  Victoria / 367 views

Current Owner: John Gillett, Victoria MMM No:  2472 Information:  Built as a 4-seater for the home market in 1933 and registered in the UK OY 6060; the prefix suggests the Croydon area. History: Early UK history unknown. Acquired from Barry Walker by John Gillett in 1978 while visiting the UK.  Originally...

 Magna /  Victoria / 423 views

Current Owner: Nigel Willey, Victoria Information: No history provided

 Magna /  Victoria / 401 views

Current Owner: Stuart Schofield Estate, New South Wales Information: No history provided

 Magna /  New South Wales / 395 views

Current Owner: Rob Everett, New South Wales History: Rob bought the car (or pile of bits as it was then) from a fellow naval officer in 1980. He had purchased it in the UK whilst undergoing submarine training and brought the bits back to Australia on his return. Rob restored...

 Magna /  New South Wales / 468 views