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Information / History: TBA Our archivist Matthew Magilton  found this picture of John Oke's NA0539, taken in 1989 by Doug Greening . Anyone recall who made the body?

 Magnette /  Northern Territory / 500 views

 Magnette /  Western Australia / 430 views

 Magnette /  Western Australia / 455 views

 Magnette /  South Australia / 439 views

Current owner; Peter Cundy, South Australia MMM No; 2487 Information; Built at Abingdon in 1934 as a rolling chassis for export to Australia. History; Imported by John Snow who commissioned the local construction of a body however the body took too long to emerge and Snow did not use the...

 Magnette /  South Australia / 504 views

Photo: At Lobethal after restoration.

 Magnette /  South Australia / 511 views

History: The MG was only used sparingly by the previous owner.  Peter Kerr fully sorted the Magnette, and has had a long and successful racing career with it. Lloyd Hagaman maintained the MG, and Bruce Blakeley and his boys acted as pit crew mechanics at events.  The NA is reliable...

 Magnette /  Queensland / 590 views

Information / History: Allan Reid’s recently acquired 1935 NA Magnette carries an attractive aluminium two seater body, built by an unidentified Australian coachbuilder, and is finished in traditional MG cream and brown colours. The MG was imported new by Lanes Motors in chassis form, together with another Magnette, one chassis number...

 Magnette /  Victoria / 501 views

Current owner:  Ray Abikhair, Geelong, Victoria. MMM N0:  1674. Information: Built in 1935 as a 2 seat roadster for the home market and registered AAD 666. History: An image of this car appeared in the April 1935 issue of Motor Sport recording that N.A. Pinegar made Fastest Time in the...

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Information / History: NA0303 — Can anyone help - did this car ever compete??? Fortunately the factory files for this NA are reasonably comprehensive for its early years. NA0303 was supplied to University Motors as a green 2 seater in April '34 and sold to Fitzroy K Chapman from Sussex...

 Magnette /  Victoria / 527 views

History: NA0281 was imported from Abingdon in chassis form and bodied for its original owner Fred Gluth by Chas Aspinall. It was raced and rallied in the 30’s by Dr Manser and finished 10th in the AGP at Lobethal in 1939. It has been owned by Walter Magilton for the...

 Magnette /  Victoria / 527 views

Current owner: Andrew Fock, Victoria. Information: NA 0279 was imported into Australia in September of 1934 by Lanes Motors of Melbourne  as one of the first batch of N types brought to Australia (NA 0278-0281). Of the batch of four cars, two were imported with CKD UK bodies and two...

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 Magnette /  Victoria / 440 views

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