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Vehicle Reg Owner Previous Owners Location
PA 1550 Anthony Williams Unknown, UK. Queensland
PA 2096 Errol Rumpf Eric Hayes, Graham Paine Queensland
SA 0499 Ellen Wilson Mostyn & Wendy Upton Queensland
SA 1879 Murray Arundall Gordon Castles Vic, Hans Werner Vic, John Drew Vic, Bill Greble WA, Headley Horwood Vic, Gerald Seymour Qld, Max Mulligan Queensland
SA 1882 Scott Eyre Bruce Eyre Queensland
SA 1948 Victor Bloxsome Queensland
SA 1989 David Robinson Queensland
TA 0269 Daniel Wong Queensland
TA 0355 Col Schiller Colonel & Mrs Maitland, Hertfordshire, UK. Edward Lines, UK. Terry & Barry Bone, UK. Martin Shantz, USA. Mark Gibbons, Mass., USA. Kurt Baer, EU. Wolfgang Fisher, Switzerland. Queensland
TA 0778 Alan Lax Queensland
TA 1430 David Schoch, Queensland Jeoff Turner, N.S.W. Allan Wettenhall, Vic. Queensland
TA 1536 Jacqui & Ray Mutton Queensland
TA 1553 David Godwin Allan Lim Joon Victoria Queensland
TA 1645 Ray McGhie Queensland
TA 1712 Rob Baylis Queensland
TA 1744 Ian & Crystal Phillips Queensland
TA 1951 Glen O'Brian Queensland
TA 2275 Errol Walker Queensland
TA 2369 Max Stephenson Queensland
TA 2632 Tony Slattery Richard Plamisano Queensland
TA 2908 Chas Bassingthwaite Queensland
TA 3242 Unknown Bruce Croft Queensland
TB 0342 Col Schiller 46-49 Alf Najar, 49-54 Peter Critchley, 54-57 Alan Murray (rebodied), 58 Paul Samuels, 60-77 Brian Hayden and others, 77-78 Barry Papps, 78-80 Greg Smith (rebuilt) 80-17 Ron Townley, 2018 Damian Tange, 2018 Col Schiller Queensland
TB 0417 Col Schiller Ron Hay, Greg and Alan Nolan, Jim (Tex) Downie, John Nind. Queensland
TB 0562 Daniel Wong Queensland
VA 0838 Tony & Debbie Slattery Barry Harvey, Chip Hedges, Michael Bayer, Dr. Rodney Lumer, Peter Baker, ???, ??? still looking for more. Queensland
VA 0922 Brendon Clarke First owner possibly a lady in Sydney with a fleet of cars and a chauffeur. Mid-50s George Mabbitt, passed on to his step son Ron Clarke and now to his son Brendon. Queensland
VA 1042S Errol George Dealer in S.A., 1980s. Stan Tucker W.A., 1980s - 2018. Queensland