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The Vehicle Registrar: Marguerite Morgan

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Vehicle Reg Owner Previous Owners Location
J2 2071 Errol Sales New South Wales
J2 2186 Robin Page Victoria
J2 2217 John Noble Peter Gostelow Victoria
J2 2323 Rod Amos Diana Dwyer UK & N.S.W. Allan Wettenhall, Vic. Victoria
J2 2646 Ian Burston Western Australia
J2 2664 Unknown Alastair Clarke, N.S.W. Victoria
J2 2681 Douglas Rathbone Victoria
J2 2754 Lloyd Russell New South Wales
J2 2775 Martin Barrett South Australia
J2 2828 Tony Mc Grath New South Wales
J2 2893 Ross Tilsed New South Wales
J2 2920 Mike Gething Victoria
J2 3003 Aubrey Paverd Victoria
J2 3015 Brian Cather Capital Territory
J2 3018 Chris lamrock 1933 FH Hickman – London, A Burgess Leigh Lancs 1963, M Marshall Leigh Lancs 1964, Barry Waler 1973,Phil Readhead 1974, George Goodare 1977, Chris Lamrock 1979 Victoria
J2 3028 Allana O'Neill Graham Flynn-O'Neill New South Wales
J2 3049 Allan Herring Western Australia
J2 3058 Peter Holsgrove New South Wales
J2 3110 Daniel Wong Queensland
J2 3284 Glen Bishop Victoria
J2 3295 Ed Farrar Western Australia
J2 3364 Ivan Glasby Estate Ivan Glasby, N.S.W. New South Wales
J2 3380 Dorothy & Paul Acfield John Holliday Bill Rutty Bob Hadaway Victoria
J2 3389 Aitor Orive Victoria
J2 3418 Jennie & Graeme Jackson Victoria
J2 3477 Bruce Leer New South Wales
J2 3491 Arthur Morris Queensland
J2 3529 Brian Kimmings New South Wales
J2 3560 Don Murphy Victoria
J2 3592 Alan Davenport Western Australia