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Vehicle Reg Owner Previous Owners Location
SA 1852 Russell Turner New South Wales
SA 1879 Murray Arundall Gordon Castles Vic, Hans Werner Vic, John Drew Vic, Bill Greble WA, Headley Horwood Vic, Gerald Seymour Qld, Max Mulligan Queensland
SA 1882 Scott Eyre Bruce Eyre Queensland
SA 1885 Harry Hickling Don Cairns (e.x. Ed Ison) Capital Territory
SA 1948 Victor Bloxsome Queensland
SA 1965 Dr. Aubrey L. Paverd Gary Perry, Roger Miles, Basil Payne, Jack Clark, Phillip Downing, John Williams, Mr de Braine Victoria
SA 1989 David Robinson Queensland
SA 2069 David Kay Robert Lane, Gerard Briggs, Graham Hore New South Wales
SA 2089 Maurice Timms Victoria
SA 2223 Bob Simpson Bob Seymour (USA), Gerry Goguen (USA), F.E. Madden (USA), A.J. Taylor (USA), D.Caswell (UK), A.J.G.Stockbridge (UK), Pamela F. Edsall (UK) (1st owner) New South Wales
SA 2236 Alan Connell New South Wales
SA 2308 Ron Taylor New South Wales
SA 2337 Harry Hickling Capital Territory
SA 2383 Ron Killkullen Western Australia
SA 2387 Russell Turner New South Wales
SA 2551 Ray Abikhair Ted Gamlen, Qld ?-1971. Rod Hiley, Qld., 71 - 85. Walter Magilton, Vic. 85 - 07. Col Schiller, Qld. 07 - 2020. Victoria
SA 2687 John Neilson South Australia
TA 0718 Anthony Molina Victoria
TA 0269 Daniel Wong Queensland
TA 0355 Col Schiller Colonel & Mrs Maitland, Hertfordshire, UK. Edward Lines, UK. Terry & Barry Bone, UK. Martin Shantz, USA. Mark Gibbons, Mass., USA. Kurt Baer, EU. Wolfgang Fisher, Switzerland. Queensland
TA 0358 Stella Edwards South Australia
TA 0394 Graham Hamilton South Australia
TA 0542 Kevin Willis New South Wales
TA 0545 Patrick Ryan Victoria
TA 0560 Roy George New South Wales
TA 0709 Jeff Spencer New South Wales
TA 0764 Ross Story Tasmania
TA 0778 Alan Lax Queensland
TA 0983 Brian Sheaffe Victoria
TA 0988 Walter Magilton Brian Sheaffe, Ian Mawson Victoria