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Current owner: Peter Tunstall, Queensland MMM No: 3666 Information: Built at Abingdon in 1930 as a 2-seat roadster for the home market. History: No history provided

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Current owner: Brian Goodall, Queensland MMM No: 2104 Information: Built in 1930 at Abingdon for the home market as a 2-seat roadster. History: At some stage in its past this car was exported to South Africa.  Imported into Australia in 2021 by Brian Goodall.

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Current owner: Geoff Wigg, Queensland MMM No: 2394 Information: Built:  8th December 1931 Engine No:-  3084 (still fitted to car) Body:-  Metal Clad Sports Original Colour:-   Black, now dark blue. (all from original M.G. Car Company records held by the Triple M Register)   Original UK Registration No:-  TG 2977 ...

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Current owner: Bill Fuller, Queensland MMM No: 3379 Information:  Both M 1523 and 1524 were built on 24/4/30 for export to Australia sans body to avoid customs duty. History: written by Bill Fuller Some time ago Garnet Smith, now a sprightly Octogenarian, sent to our Club Editor, Elaine Hamilton, some...

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Current owner:  Tony Slattery, Queensland MMM No: 2390 Information:  Built 22/4/30 for export to Australia sans body to avoid customs duty. History: The MMM Register advise that the chassis file for 1524 has been lost, however the chassis ledger shows that it was built for export on 22 April 1930. ...

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Current owner: John Fincher, Victoria Information: This vehicle is an M-type replica built on Morris Minor chassis 10767. History: None supplied.

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Current Owner: Jim Thompson, Victoria MMM No: 2389 Information: No history provided

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Current owner: Morgan Family, Victoria MMM No: 2384. Information: Built in 1929 in Oxford as a 2-seat roadster for the home market. History: Owned and campaigned by Ian Heather senior at the inaugural historic race meeting at Amaroo in 1976 and for the next 10 years or so. Slab tank...

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Current owner: David Felgate, South Australia Information: No history provided

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Current owner: Mike Greenwood, South Australia MMM No: 2392 Information: Built 1929. History: Early history unknown.  It was first recorded in its present form of J2 style body with slab tank, swept wings and folding windscreen when purchased in 1957 by Robert (Bob) Morphett from D.J. Sexton, registered 484 779...

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Current owner: Bob Wood, Queensland MMM No: 2391 Information: No history provided

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Current owner: Tim Rettig, South Australia MMM No: 3413 Information: No history provided

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Current owner: Matt Spoljarevic, Queensland Information:   This 1931 M-type Midget was purchased from New Zealand in March 1981 for display at the York Motor Museum in Western Australia. In April 1995 the Midget was entered in the M.G. National Rally held in Perth, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the M.G....

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Current owners: Ray and John Abikhair, Victoria MMM No: 1221 Information: Built in 1931 as a 2-seat roadster for the home market.  UK reg., BG 168. History: written by Rob Dunsterville. During 1974 when I was living in London, Brian Flowers and some others (in the M.G. Car Club Sydney)...

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Current owner:  Tony Basham, Queensland MMM No: 2387. Information: Built 29 Jan 1931 as a 2-seat roadster for the home market with a  black fabric covered body. History: written by Tony Basham. First owner Mr Webster of Woldingham, Surrey, UK.  Registered PL5390. March 1931.  Purchased by Michael Collier for £160,...

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Current owner: Hilton Goodall, Queensland MMM No: 790 Information: Built at Abingdon on 12/4/1930 (Kimber's birthday) as a 2-seat roadster for the home market.  Registered PG 8733 on 25/4/1930 to its first owner Robert Hy Everett, 94 Telford Road, Hull. History: All former owners are known and listed below.  We...

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Current Owner: Robin & Jenny Page, Victoria Information: The car was purchased in the UK in 1975 and restored in Australia in 1980 with a metal (aluminium) boat tail body, and the original steel bonnet.  The engine was reconditioned and fitted with a crank turned from a billet of steel and...

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Current owner:  Ryan Thompson, Victoria MMM No: 2858 Information: Built in 1931 as a fabric 2-seat roadster for the home market. Original timber frame and Rexine covering survives under recent vinyl recover. History: This car was discovered in a shed in London in 1993 and is in very original condition...

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 Current Owner: Keith Williams, Victoria Information:  History is largely unknown. Am currently trying to track down any previous history and ownership.  Would greatly appreciate any information anyone would have available.

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Current owner: Ian Mawson, Victoria MMM No: 2388 Information: Built in Abingdon shortly after the move from Oxford in 1929, the car started life as a 2-seat roadster for the home market. History: Following the M-type’s success in the JCC Double Twelve Hour race at Brooklands in 1930, a car...

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Current owner: Mark Alsop, Victoria MMM No: 3071 Information: Bought in UK while on honeymoon, shipped to W.A. in 1932, sans body.  New body built by Boltons in J2 style. History:  As written by Mike Alsop, 2018. Imagine my surprise when I opened the Pre-war M.G. Register’s Newsletter of July...

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Current owner: Errol Sales, New South Wales Information: No History provided

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Current owner: Errol Sales, New South Wales MMM No: 2385 Information: No history provided

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Current owner: unknown MMM No: 3456 Information: Sold via Shannons auction 2010.

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Current Owner: Michael Spruyt, New South Wales Information: No history provided

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Current owner:  Ian Heather, New South Wales MMM No: 2383 Information: Built in August 1929 as a 2-seat roadster for the home market. History:  Ian came across M0580 in 1964 as a result of his father buying M0582 as a complete car two years earlier. M0580 was a derelict. bent,...

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Current owners: Morgan Family, Victoria Information: The remains of M0275 were imported from New Zealand by Ed Ison consisting of the majority of mechanical components but at some stage has had a chassis transplant.  Ed added components from his stock of parts and eventually a vehicle began to take shape. ...

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