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The Vehicle Registrar: Marguerite Morgan

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Vehicle Reg Owner Previous Owners Location
NA 0278 Doug Keith Victoria
NA 0279 Andrew Fock Sir Hugh Devine, 34- late 30s, A.J. Clarke, late 30s to 64, Meyer Steinberg, 64-99 Victoria
NA 0281 Walter Magilton Fred Gluth Victoria
NA 0303 Ed Taylor Victoria
NA 0554 Michael Martin Victoria
NA 0656 Ray Abikhair N.A. Pinegar UK. 1935-? Terry Bone UK. 2005 Neville Howell, Vic 2012-2020 Victoria
NA 0678 Alan Reid John Ruffley, John Buchanan Victoria
NB 0904 John Gillett Victoria
NB 0946 Nick Langford Victoria
NB 0963 Georg Leitl Victoria
PA 0438 Andrew Cameron Colin Dunne, Yic. Arthur Beasley, Vic. Bruce Chapman, Vic. Alan Bail, Vic. 1966-1990. Victoria
PA 0439 Stephen & Kaye Shelmerdine Richard Berryman Victoria
PA 0444 David Harrington Victoria
PA 0481 Tony Sloan 1934, Mrs Kingstone. 1958, Noel Dwyer. Victoria
PA 0486 Andrew Barnett Victoria
PA 0487 Ray Skewes Victoria
PA 0489 Michael Martin Victoria
PA 0595 Jennie & Graeme Jackson Victoria
PA 0989 Southgate Estate ?-1971 John Trapp. 1971-2017 Wes Southgate (Dec.) Victoria
PA 1026 Ryan Thompson 1992 register Ray Hamilton, Vic. 1997 register Paul Latham, Vic. Phillip Hay, Vic. Victoria
PA 1101 Ray Abikhair David Leslie, Vic. Darryl Stanisich, Vic. 1992 Register. Victoria
PA 1130 Bob Field Victoria
PA 1170 Edward Grundy Victoria
PA 1223 Margaret Johnson-Denner Victoria
PA 1278 Bill Atherton Victoria
PA 1291 Morgan Family Victoria
PA 1294 Andrew Fock 1970s Mr Maloney, Vic 1990s, Michael Martin, Vic. Victoria
PA 1296 John Anderson Ray Gulson, Canberra Victoria
PA 1297 Noel Clarke Victoria
PA 1298 Graeme Steinfort H.N. Reeve, 1935. Peer Manton late 1940s. Laurie Rofe. Peter Martin. John Liebert. Victoria